Arjanveer Chadha attains win in back-to-back Spartan DareDevil

The Spartan DareDevil tournament is a renowned one because it guarantees an exciting twist to its format. This tournament is conducted every Saturday evening and it is the part of their daily featured tournament programme. The participating players are assured a whopping prize pool of INR 5 Lakhs.

This rebuy tournament presents an interesting twist in a way that busted players could buy back in at the price of 50% of the original buy-in. The aspect makes it an exciting value proposition for entrants and 81 of them confirmed to meet at the virtuals felts to grab the greatest chunk of that prize pool. The Indian poker player who claimed the largest chunk was none other than Arjanveer Chadha. He played as ‘instrumental’ at this tournament and it is the second successive week that he has bagged a victory in the same tournament.

The tournament enticed 81 participants and this implied that the prize pool crossed it guarantee to terminate at INR 5,70,000 to be distributed among the topmost 11 players. The players who are money finishers are guaranteed a minimum prize money of INR 14,250 for their attempts. In addition to the instrumental, some of the familiar names on that final table were ‘HomelessOnWiFi’ and Anirban ‘pokernoob’ Das. The latter continued the game with his outstanding consistency and secured fifth place, winning prize money of INR 44,460.

HomelessOnWifi appeared to like this tournament as he even liked the instrumental ran deep in DareDevil tournament of the previous week. In the current tournament, he finished up one spot lower. Through the pretty good hand of Ah Kd, HomelessOnWifi made it certain to put it shattered after a preliminary raise by ’tiltdaY’. Considering that shove, tiltdaY put in a great effort as did ‘NIMMAJJI’ but instrumental quickly decided to hold pocket Kings (Ks Kc). It would need a huge move to surpass HomelessOnWiFi but the board of 6d 2d 2c 2s Qs was not something that he was keenly looking for. Due to this, he got eliminated in fourth place for a commendable payday of INR 56,145.

The rest of the three players played a couple of more hands prior to making a call to chop up the residual prize pool. In accordance to an ICM deal, instrumental grabbed the title along with a prize of INR 1,25,517, NIMMAJI secured second place with prize money of INR 1,11,080, whereas tiltdaY came at the third place with a payday of INR 1,04,547.

The appealing scores for the top 3 finishers guarantee the poker industry that they would certainly take their shot at the featured event of Sunday i.e., SuperStack.

A commendable win for Arjanveer Chadha in the tournament packed with twists!