WSOP 2019: Aditya Systla

Day 1C came to a swift end marking the end of Day 1 of the $1,111 Little One for One drop at WSOP. The day which registered an overwhelming 3,200 entries saw the numbers dwindle to only 1,267 runners after ten rounds of knockout play. The runners from whom the overall day 1C winner is yet to be announced, will all proceed to Day 2 of the competition.

Day 1C was also the most important day for India as Indian competitors flooded the tournament. By the end of the Day, India had 14 players proceeding to Day 2 of the competition; this brings the total count to 25 qualifiers from India. However, the Day 1C’s Indian frontrunner, Aditya Systla, who got 184,600 (115 big blinds) will be behind the Day 1B’s winner Rahul Byrajju who got 248,500 (155 big blinds). Rahul will be leading all the 25 Indian players into Day 2 of the tournament. Let us have a look at how the top 10 of team India will be lining up on Day 2.

PlayerChip Count
Rahul Byrraju248,500
Aditya Systla184,600
Shashank Jain179,300
Sanjay Sharma175,400
Vivek Rughani166,600
Karan Radia167,100
Nipun Java162,300
Akash Malik116,500
Madhav Gupta114,300
Nishant Sharma107,100


Overall, the competition winner for Day 1C was Nikolay Fay with an overwhelming stack of 447,000 (273 big blinds). However, Day 1A’s Leandry Ainonkpo remains unbeaten with 726,600 (454 big blinds), and he will proceed to Day 2 as the overall leader.

The rest of Day 1C was flawless with the Indian Diaspora widely represented by players of Indian Origin. Here is how the top 10 chart looked like at the day’s end.

Top 10 Chip Counts At the End of Day 1C

1. Nikolay Fal – 437,000
2. Darren Attebery – 368,000
3. Kenneth Golden – 359,600
4. Bruno Desimoni – 358,000
5. Richard Murnick – 346,200
6. Brett Mueller – 343,700
7. Dragos Trofimov – 340,300
8. Timothy Sheehan – 340,100
9. Wayne Keller – 338,500
10. Alice Sicconi – 338,400