Kunal Patni Garbs The Second Place In APPT Manila Shot Clock Event

The last 10 days witnessed extraordinary performances by the Indian players as they keep on making good runs and recording a big score at the current series of Asia-Pacific Poker Tour’s (APPT) in Manila. The Indian poker group too bagged a title, with Chiraag Patel being declared as the winner of the NLH Turbo Event for ~INR 4.54 lakh.

In addition to the excellent performance by Chiraag Patel, Akshay Nasa narrowly missed out on the APPT National title, and Sahil Agarwal completed at the second place in the High Roller tournament. Furthermore, there were total 8 Indian poker players who bagged the prize money in the Main Event, creating it one of best outings of India at an APPT series. 

The final day witnessed one more Indian poker player – Kunal Patni who outshined in Manila. Till now, he had a good year in live poker. He was rewarded with whopping prize money for completing at the second place in the WPT Berlin Main Event. He bagged the prize money in Las Vegas as well, and this time, he just missed out on a title in Manila, completing at the second position, after Taiwan’s Tzu Chieh Lo.

The 6-Handed Shot Clock was essentially Event #21 of the APPT Manila series and it noted a buy-in of PHP 25,000 (~INR 32,500). The corresponding tournament witnessed 262 entries overall, ultimately generating an enormous prize pool of PHP 5,718,150 (~INR 74.52 lakh). The topmost 29 players were rewarded a min-cash of PHP 54,000 and other than Patni, there were two more Indian poker players who cashed out.

The captain of GPL India team Mumbai Jetsetters -Kavin Shah secured 20th place for PHP 62,000 (~INR 80,800). In addition to this, Varun Gupta too performed well in the final table, and Patni secured fifth place for PHP 300,000 (~INR 3.91 lakh). Patni depicted a brilliant run, completing at the second place along with prize money of PHP 960,000 (~INR 12.51 lakh).

For Patni, big wins are of no surprise because by now, he has amassed more than $400k in live poker cash. In the Asian circuit, he lost to Lo, a well-known poker player. The current tournament was the second last of the 2018 APPT Manila and the concluding tournament too witnessed an Indian poker player bagging the prize money. Furthermore, Sam Srinivas Polishetty finished in the sixth place with notable prize money of PHP 91,200 (~INR 1.18 lakh).

The names of the top 6 poker players of this tournament are Tzu Chieh Lo, Kunal Patni, Martijn Johannes Gerrits, Masatoshi Tanaka, Varun Gupta and Thananat Therdtskoonra.

Really a great achievement for Kunal Patni in the current APPT series in Manila!