Poker Baazi has done it again! The online poker company will undoubtedly remain at the helm of the poker industry through its unrivaled innovations; the latest being the introduction of a new game variant dubbed 5-Card Pot Limit Omaha (PLO).


Poker Baazi is famous for its massive online poker challenges, and the introduction of the new PLO variant is a sure breakthrough. The partnership with Casino Pride 2 has also bolstered the popularity of Poker Baazi.


According to Avneeta Rana, who is the director of Technology at Baazi Games, there is a need for innovation for a company to stay competitive in the industry. He had this to say, “Being in the gaming industry, it is a necessity to keep introducing new features in our apps. This helps in keeping up the excitement of our players. Having an in-house tech allows us to stay at par with the latest trends.”


What IS 5-Card Pot Limit Omaha?

The 5-card version of PLO is not a new thing in the poker world. However, Poker Baazi is the first company to introduce it in India. Well, how does it work?


According to the guide on their website, the 5-card PLO is similar to the usual 4-card PLO. However, the players are required to use 2-hole cards and three community cards hence five cards. The addition of an extra card into the general 4-card pot limit adds flavor to the game.


The other difference with the regular Pot Limit Variant is that:

  • Premium Hold’em hands have lower power. This is only in the cases of AxAX or KxKx hands
  • Bank rolling needs a keen eye since there are more cards in play resulting in more swings
  • It is easier to complete straights and flushes.
  • The ranges in this PLO variant are also tighter.


As the new 5-card PLO rolls in, Poker Baazi looks forward to introducing more innovations to satisfy its clients. The new in-house platform, which has incorporated customer feedback, is a real revelation of their mission.