‘Supersaiyan’ Grabs Win In The SSS Event #7 At The Spartan Poker

At the Spartan Super Series, the opening event of the Day 2 initiated excellently. ‘NaitikJennRj14’ was the India poker player who won the Event #6 of this series. After the sixth event, the late afternoon tournament attracted lots of poker players but ‘supersaiyan’ outlasted all the participants of the event and succeeded to grab a title win in this tournament.

This tournament came with a Re-entry format with a buy-in of INR 880 and players competed for the assured prize pool of INR 3 Lakhs. The final field consisted of total 217 entries which allowed the prize pool to lift up to INR 3,51,200. In this SSS event, the top 30 players are assured to get a min-cash of INR 2,634. The names of notable players who performed well but could not make it to the final table are ‘Romoid’ (10th), ‘pokernoob’ (12th), and ‘David Blaine’ (15th).

The exciting aspect in the tournaments is to see who grabs the first 3 spots. It was ‘Riverhunter’ who got eliminated from the final three spots; his elimination came at the hands of ‘mmonas’. He held considerable hand in Ks Jc and decided to make the call against mmonas’ Qh 3c. The flop -Qd 4c 4d As 5h is not a favorable one for ‘Riverhunter’ and so he was compelled to leave the tournament at the third spot, winning a prize money of INR 35,120. Both the players at the top positions held commendable stacks and it was time for heads-up. mmonas was a bit ahead of his opponent with 1.8 million stacks as compared to 1.6 million stacks of his opponent.

The battle was not a prolonged one because there were nearly 25 hands, but half there was one huge pot which provided a huge lead to supersaiyan. mmonas’ 6d Jd let him bump it up to 120,000 (blinds were 40,000-80,000). supersaiyan’s Ah 6h was quite strong, for a heads-up hand and based on that, he lifted it to 315,000. These two players hit a bottom pair on a flop of Kh 4d 6s. It was supersaiyan who ventured 405,000 and eventually faced a power all-in of 1.6 million by mmonas. For mmonas, things didn’t improve due to the turn and river (9c, 8c) and ultimately, the lead went to the way of supersaiyan.

On some more pots, mmonas dedicated all his focus to regain the game in his favor but supersaiyan still owned the lead whilst the final hand took place. Eventually, the final hand pitted the mmonas’ Ace Queen against the supersaiyan’s Ace King. They both hit a pair on the 6h 4c 5h 4s 9c board; however, the supersaiyan’s King kicker facilitated him to grab the title along with the prize money of INR 73,752 whereas mmonas was declared as runner-up with the prize money of INR 51,626. With two events already completed, we are yet to see three more events for Day 2 action comprising of the highlight Mega Stack tournament of the day.


Keep up your excitement as the SSS Series is yet to disclose admirable winners like supersaiyan, in the coming events!