The issue of legalization for gambling in the country is hanging due to the lack of response by the Union Government. Amar Singh, who is the former minister of the Samajwadi party put up a question in the parliament regarding the same issue. He was expecting a report from the center which is still not unfolded.

Recently, in reply to the issue, Union Minister of Law and Justice, Ravi Shankar Prasad has declared his notion in the lower house. As per media reports, Prasad has stated that the Law Commission of India has categorically stated that legalization of betting and gambling is not acceptable in the contemporary outline and a comprehensive ban on the action must be implemented with immediate effect.

According to Prasad, the Commission has suggested that in case a total ban cannot be set, then the government and state legislatures must take into consideration to legalizing gambling and betting. But it will envelope certain safe-conducts and rules and regulations along with the control system under the law. At the beginning of the year, in August, six Lok Sabha MP’s were raising an unstarred subject in the Parliament. It was based on the Centre’s program to authorize and monitor betting and gambling in the nation. A related inquiry did take place and was put up by another four Rajya Sabha members.

The union government then replied by reemphasizing the same report which was declared by the Law Commission which mentions that in the existing situation of the country, it is harmful to legalize betting and gambling. It is deemed to have a wrong impact on the people of India. Although there are numerous illegal betting that goes on but then, that is not the responsibility of the state, and henceforth, any misconduct shall not come under the law.

The report by Prasad, however, did not discuss Singh’s query. On the other hand, it was solely depended on the action which was taken by the Union Government as what they decide will be assumed as the final statement regarding the legalization for gambling and betting.