PokerStars Pro – Aditya Agarwal’s Strategy Tips for Middle Stages

India’s most polished poker professional is none other than PokerStars pro-Aditya Agarwal. He has been the best player in India and has assisted 8 Platinum winners in the overseas tournaments. Aditya has an amazing poker career crossing over ten years now. He has won over $4 Million online amounts of cash plus $1 Million in live flows of cash. Agarwal is one firm player who understands the right time and topic when anything falls under the purview of Poker.

Aditya Agarwal is further a key patron to PokerStars India`s practice and training site which is known as PokerStars Online School. They make daily tutorials of playing Poker and share poker suggestions for newcomers on the Fan Page of PokerStars.

Extending the original strategy video on suggestions for beginner and advanced stages of play in tournaments, Agarwal promptly bestows pointers for the intermediate stages. According to him, the blinds are on the rise and the stacks are shallow and the game comprises of an ante. This is pointed out by the Pro player that can be utilized for playing the middle stages of the game. He furthermore, emphasizes the necessity for improvement in a plan to benefit from the limited dynamics. The two major tips include:

  • Be determined to take the pots: When the blind levels start increasing, you can notice the ante all over the table. This leads to the pot getting automatically bigger. The players now have an excuse to display aggressiveness to keep the blinds and antes as opposed to the first stages of the game.


  • Attack players preflop: Before players reach the money bubble situation, it is advised to take an attacking position to have a preflop ready by 3-betting light.

PokerStars pro – Aditya Agarwal will perform at the much-awaited PokerStars Players Championship (PSPC) which is scheduled to be held in the Bahamas in the next month. Aditya has been one of the most proficient players for PokerStars and he has been a player, mentor and a guide for all the upcoming players in the Poker industry. Indian Poker has been witnessing a monumental shift in the poker playing fans and it is an overwhelming aspect for all the Poker sites and slot owners.