The 2018 Mid-States Poker Tour (MSPT) Season Nine Canterbury Park $500,000 GTD Main Event just got completed this Sunday. Interestingly, Andrew (Andy) Rubinberg defeated the 997 great fields to claim the throne for the biggest and one of the major poker games in the city of Minnesota, the USA for an insane amount of $179,776. The entire series further noticed Brandon Welter accomplish a tournament with eight-player Heads-up Flip out which made him take the tag of the coveted Platinum Pass priced at $30,000 for the upcoming PSPC Poker Stars Players NLHE Championship in 2019.

Apart from these winners, the crowd also witnessed Aaron Johnson, bagging the 32nd spot to finish the event and got an amount of $4,163. This made him snag the Season Nine Player of the Year SPT-POY definition. This event was the second MSPT title win for Rubinberg and the 11th score for the MSPT Main Event. He has initially gained the 2016 MSPT title of the Wisconsin State Poker Championship for an amount of $120,808. According to him, it is a wonderful feeling. Earlier in 2016 Rubinberg experienced his first huge win but this particular series appears to validate his play.

If we talk about the kind of opposition he encountered, it was one of his difficult matches. However, despite from being such a large field, it had numerous pros for him. He understood that if he won this series, he would be able to make a remarkable spot in the history of Poker. The winner, who has already played in Vegas, mentions that ‘this is the toughest field’.

The second day of the event observed 148 survivors from the initial three battles coming collectively for the opening time and it was an intense game in the money line. Approximately one-third of the contestants dropped ahead of the bubble. Only the leading 99 finishers could make a record score in the entire event. Amongst the players who left empty-handed were none other than the champion of 2015 MSPT Wisconsin State Poker called Ben Wiora and another champion known as Jeff Fielder. In addition, the three-time MSPT champion Carl Carodenuto also went back home with empty hands.