Rapidly-Developing online poker portal MadOverPoker (MoP) has remained at the lead of starting exciting and interesting matches. The last Sunday witnessed one among India’s premier high-value knockout group, the Indian Bounty Championship (IBC), ending out a power-packed eight-event program on the place.

The IBC started on December 7 and inaugurated to great advertising. The group performed host to a whole of eight matches which claimed of a total prize value of ₹15 Lakhs, all with a consecutive knockout form with buy-in extending from ₹630 to ₹3,150.

The group finished on December 9, and Amarjeet ‘Ninjakar’ Singh appeared as the IBC Bounty Leader-board winner. Singh obtained beyond several IBC games and accumulated the maximum, i.e 67 leader-board scores to gain ₹50,000 in leader-board awards. Subhajit ‘WaZir’ Mondal won second on the IBC leader-board with 50 scores and stoked ₹40,000, while Hriday ‘Sigma’ Mondal accumulated ₹30,000 for concluding in third place.

The 28-year-old member from Imphal, Manipur, Singh got his first drive of poker by Zynga throughout his college days. “After that time, I got into mastering the sport. I prefer poker because it provides me with the independence and mental hurdle,” Singh told PokerGuru. Singh, who is an M.Tech from Bangalore, raised a whole of ₹93,342 in award funds by redeeming in five matches at the group.

Reflecting on his practice on MadOverPoker, Singh told, “Two months behind, I was assigned to MadOverPoker by a colleague and was satisfied to observe how smooth and comfortable it was to enter a game here.”

He moreover continued, “It’s been a pleasant struggle for me performing at MadOverPoker. The interface is all-embracing and user-friendly. I like performing both matches and cash registers as they hold good publicity and Leader-board awards.”

“IBC was one amongst a variety. I performed the entire group and it led to a premium of 67 players. There were highs and lows but I enjoyed the struggle. Happy that MadOverPoker presents me with a stage to bestow my abilities,” Singh told about performing the IBC.