The marine casinos on River Mandovi have remained a subject of discussion in the legislative series in Goa in modern years. While Congress, the leading opposition electorate in the nation has made no designs about its anti-casino platform; Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar-led BJP administration has found competition coming in also from its private confederacy sections – the Goa Forward Party (GFP) in the history. The newest candidate in the anti-casino dispute is the newly-launched females’ division of GFP.

On Sunday the just-announced Goa Women Forward (GWF), i.e. the GFP ladies section obliged that clubs moored on River Mandovi should be eliminated at the beginning as they were “concerning women.”

According to communications records, right back she seized the place, GWF chief, Advocate Ashma Sayed exercised the casino problem by the points. “As a female and on the support of other females, I believe that casinos are very much concerning the ladies,” Sayed was extracted as telling. “Our command as Goa Women forward is that clubs should be withdrawn from River Mandovi. They should be eliminated,” she continued.

Sayed also directed that to make more jobs for women, they should be provided with deals for sweeping beaches. “The beach dusting job should be assigned to the Goan ladies. I believe that they will be very pleased as it will give them the reference of income,” Sayed said.

Prominently, directed by Vijai Sardesai, the GFP came to survival in January 2016 and is an associate of the BJP government in Goa. The electorate has been unreserved about its defense to offshore clubs in the past. In July 2017, the GFP resisted the approach of the sixth casino ship, MV Lucky Seven into River Mandovi.

Sardesai, who was already the state Town and Country Planning Minister made his opinion public, directing that the state legislature was tamely addressing in front of the casino’s promoters in court. Various ministers, he had named out, were facing conceding different casino working on the Mandovi.

This time in August, after CM Parrikar revealed strategies for the relocation of the offshore centers to a nominated gaming zone as the component of the brand-new casino system in the state parliamentary assembly, Sardesai, who is presently the state Agriculture Minister, came out in backer of the plan. In November, Sardesai recommended that a casino band copying the configuration of the Hong-Kong inlet should be extended along the coastline in Panaji and all the marine casinos operating from ships moored on river Mandovi be dismissed and relocated to this casino band.

The state administration is proclaimed to be pondering over numerous alternatives for the proposed casino relocation. With the GFP’s ladies wing strafing up the offshore-casino problem again, the government’s alliance co-worker appears to be limited to up the tension on the matter.

Moreover, it can be said that banning casinos was their only mission and they are employing each and every means to exclude casinos on the Mandovi river.