poker baazi logo is leading Indian poker to different maxima with the release of an INR 2 guaranteed Confirmed competition which is named as The Game Changer. The new release of Pokerbaazi comes with INR 2 Crore up for grabs simultaneously with a monstrous 50 LAC payday for the champion. Poker fans all over the country or world are unquestionably providing a life-changing poker adventure.

India is observing a tremendous growth in the scenario of online poker and a multiplication in the representation of high-value sports. This large prize money guarantee has absolutely earned PokerBaazi a front-runner in the online casino scenario. Products like these will certainly give a poker player a great push.

PokerBaazi is not new in taking the population by astonishment with making the impossible the possible. Only in the past one year, it provided the Indian poker with its first INR 1 Crore Guaranteed tournament called The MoneyMaker. It has grown to become the most hype game or tournament in the online poker game industry and has achieved the goals of poker professionals across India.

The victory of The MoneyMaker has previously positioned the whereby it was easy for them to add 7 versions of the competition only in one year. The last version cracked unusual records giving it the name of the biggest grossing prize funds in this country with a jaw-dropping INR 1.36 Crore. A 24-year-old boy named Nikhil stringbet710 Sayilen, who hails from Bangalore transmitted the game for a substantial amount of Rs 33 lakhs.

Well, the fun and excitement do not cease to exist here at this point. At the beginning of this year, PokerBaazi was trying to revolutionize the poker world with an overwhelming commitment programme known as Baazi Rewards. In this game, players are compensated with cash backs, match receipts, tour packages, devices and packages to prestigious competition series happening in the world. Fun part? Everything comes without expiry tags!

As you have already seen the track record of Pokerbaazi, it is evidently undefeatable. There is no doubt that the Game Changer will perform in a similar manner as its name. Sources say that PokerBaazi Marketing Director Varun Ganjoo has made a comment“They say numbers are fun. But with the Game Changer, numbers are just gonna blow your mind away! According to him, it is one of the best games for the extraordinary poker baazigar.

The Game Changer is definitely going to be one of the game changers for the entire poker playing community.  It will be a  new sensation in the online poker playing market. The game is a pure evidence to justify PokerBaazi’s idea of transforming Indian poker. The team is dedicated to giving what this poker society deserves. These were the words by PokerBaazi patron and CEO who is Navkiran Singh. They insist on taking their advice on playing Game Changer if you know how to play poker and had dreams of playing a fantastic skill game. This astonishing discovery is keeping everyone intrigued. The players are waiting with bated breath until PokerBaazi reveals further details about the new game.