The greatest ever Southern Europe Championship of Online Poker (SECOOP) ended on PokerStars on November 12 and more than €12.3 million ($14 million) in prize money was allocated to over 149 events. The €10 million series guarantee was therefore exceeded by further €2.3 million. More than 38,000 professionals in the newly joined European league who yielded liquidity network participated in the series. The series comprises of a mix of players beyond Spain, France, and Portugal. The elevated €1 million guarantees in the €250 ($284) Main Event was also overshadowed by €212,487 ($242,060) after attracting 5,215 admissions.

Befuddled, a professional of France was the ultimate player surviving in that one, assembling the €172,451 ($196,444) best prize as the first SECOOP Main Event winner. According to PokerStars, France was the sole common country in the event accompanied by Spain and later Portugal. Besides exceeding the series guarantee, extra sparkling times from the series involved the greatest €50 Warm Up and €10 Classico games so far in the PokerStars Southern European channels, leading prize pools of €237,375 ($270,402) and €149,382 ($170,166) sequentially.

Extra SECOOP Highlights

The French player ‘dav561’ was the champion of the Warm Up for €32,126 ($36,595) and Spain’s ‘tecnicu’ accumulated €16,124 ($18,367) for becoming successful in the Classico. On the other hand, there is one more player who experienced a great series was France’s ‘bzh3135’, who directed €40 in buy-ins toward €11,591 ($13,203) by conquering not one, but stunning two Midnight Express tournaments known as Events #20 and #29 respectively.

The SECOOP is simply the freshest set introduced by PokerStars in the shared European network, resulting on from France Espania Hold’em (FRESH) series, Galactic Series, and France and Spain SCOOP, TRIO series. As a whole, over €50 million in award pools is basically given out by PokerStars considering the introduction of shared liquidity.

The COOP series of the game is one of the most desired and celebrated events, and we are gratified that players in Southern Europe got the opportunity to be a part of this event. According to the Director of Poker Innovation and Operations at The Stars Group, ‘‘We’ve hosted a variety of new series and it is amazing to see the support from our players. I want to thank everyone that has played in a shared liquidity offering for helping to create such a success.”

Italy Wants to Enter COOP

Although Italy has not yet registered with the shared European liquidity party, professionals were not completely left out. The 10th year operating of the Italian Championship of Online Poker (ICOOP) took place during SECOOP and awarded its greatest guarantee series in Italy.

The €4 million guarantees were defeated with prize funds calculating up to €4,942,126 ($5,629,714) beyond 68 events. The smart travel is one of the consequential champions of the series, driving down the Main Event prized at €56,000. Online poker games have had an outstanding opening and have exceeded pay like never before.