The WPT India 100K High Roller is apparently the second most predictable game following the Main Event in the WPT 2018 line. The winner is the soft-spoken Kalyan Chakravarthy became one of the highest crushers of the High Roller game. It is tough to maintain a record of the figure of professionals that he sent back all throughout the game. This does not end here, upon reaching the finale table Kalyan emerged as the chip leader and he sustained the point continuously until he secured the coveted match title. For those who were keeping counts, he was singularly accountable for smashing 7 opponents on the ultimate table.

Kalyan and his game plan were capable of overthrowing Minissha Lamba’s k-Diamonds, q-Hearts by his a-Spades and q-Clubs to win the battle and the battle to win the whooping INR 3,753,000 prize money. A lot of murmurs and whispers were flowing among the bustling crowd. It was heard, Chakravarthy was performing so well that he will ship the game before the closing table commenced. After the performance, with no doubt, you can say the crowd was somewhat right with their speculations about Kalyan.

In the terminal heads-up action, Minissha Lamba held out stacked 4:1 but this did not stop her from pacing ahead. She competed courageously for some time however sadly, she moved her k-Diamonds and q-Hearts against Chakravarthy’s a-Spades q-Clubs which proved to be fatal at the end. The hand ran a-Clubs 4-Spades 9-Spades 7-Hearts 4-Diamonds and eventually, following two days of daring and confidence, she dropped out of the competition bagging the second position. The former actress received a well-justified award of INR 2,363,000 for playing opposite the greatest in the industry and knocking them until she could. She further graciously acknowledged Kunal Patni for being her coach and teaching her all the necessary steps and announced that he must instruct her enough to ship the following High Roller game which she is planning to play.

Kalyan Chakravarthy is the latest WPT India 2018 High Roller winner and professionals will require to produce their A-game the following year to hinder him from maintaining his WPT winner tag.