Game Changer

Indians…Buckle up coz this is no dream! The home-grown poker website, has announced India’s Biggest Online Poker Tournament – The Game Changer.


Tournaments have become a major part in the online poker gaming and are rising considerably. That being said, the poker players were shocked in awe when the company announced that it would be hosting a tourney with a prize pool of INR 2 Crore! So naturally, every poker player is aiming to get richer by let’s say 50 Lakhs by winning this thing.

Poker Tournaments were initiated into online poker to get the ROI to the tune of 300-500x resulting in a definite growth in this industry in the last 5 years. Back in October 2017, launched The MoneyMaker – a 1 Crore guaranteed event with a buy-in of INR 11,000 and had taken the poker world by storm. Today, after 8 successful editions of The MoneyMaker, it seems like the company and poker community alike, are ready for something a lot, a lot bigger!

Time and Location

Time Table

The Game Changer is a Multi-Day Event. First of its kind..!! The Event will consist of 3 starting flights. Players can either register for one or for all of these starting flights.

The Schedule is as Follows:

  • Day 1A –  FEB 20th, 8 pm
  • Day 1B –  FEB 21st, 8 pm
  • Day 1C –  FEB 22nd, 8 pm
  • Day 2   –  FEB 24th, 6 pm

Each starting flight finishes at the end of LEVEL 27. The players will take their stacks forward in the Day 2 after that. If the player has registered for more than one starting flights and survives, then only their largest stack will be allowed into Day 2.


The Buy-in for the Game Changer is INR 11,000. It may seem to be a lot but the final winning prize of INR 50, 00,000 makes it all worth it. The company has provided various opportunities for players to make the tickets readily available for them for a fraction of the cost (including free tickets)

Buy Tickets on Discount or for Free

Contest: Participated in some exciting contests taking place on the Facebook Page of for a chance to win Free Tickets!!

Satellites: Satellite tournaments are running daily on the PokerBaazi gaming client. Players can win themselves a ticket for as little as INR 50!

Free Rolls: Get FREE tickets to satellite events to The Game Changer by using a deposit code.

Deposit Codes: Use one of the many available deposit codes for direct entry to The Game Changer.

Be a Part of History!

PokerBaazi’s Game Changer is truly going to be a Game Changer in the history of Indian Online Poker Gaming Industry. Grab this opportunity and this chance to win a life-altering sum of money and to be a part of this history..!! Never in the past has a player walked away with INR 50,00,000 in a single event, and that being said, you could be that player. So walk into those felts of and give it your best shot!

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