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adminNovember 17, 2018


WSOP International Circuit is coming back to the best resort in Australia in 2018 with the commencement of The Star Poker room in Sydney.  With the integrated resort offering magnificent views poker players hardly need an incentive to travel there but the desire of the WSOP Gold Rings, which money can’t buy, will bring players from the furthers reaches of the globe.

The biggest tournament of WSOP International season is the biggest without merit.  So if sentimental value of the WSOP Gold Rings doesn’t cut it for you, there is a new record of $4.5 million in guaranteed prize money to seal the deal.  That’s not all, the final prize pool is expected to be larger and massive crowds are expected to visit The Star Poker Room.  This will clearly be the biggest poker series event in Sydney’s history with 15 non-stop Championship events drawn over three weeks of non-stop poker action.

The WSOP is the most recognized and revered tournament brand in poker. It was held for the first time in 1970 with Las Vegas legend Benny Binion inviting seven of the best players from the country to play and compete through a series of cash games.  Since then it has grown to an annual bonanza.

In 2005, The WSOP Circuit was added while the WSOP International Circuit debuted in 2015 with events being held in Czech Republic, Georgia, Canada, Morocco, and Italy.

November 27 is when the first opportunity to grab a WSOP Gold Ring takes place.  There will be four flights of players entering with a chance to win $600,000 in guaranteed prize money.  This will surely be a truly mesmerizing experience for the players and audience alike.

With the Series offering a wide variety of plays there is something for everyone.  Whether the Ladies Event, the NLH 6 Max which has a $400,000 guaranteed prize, the Masters Event, or the Turbo Event.  Then, for those looking for a higher level of adrenaline, there is a $5k Challenge with an eye-popping guaranteed prize of $1 million.  And for high rollers, there is the $20,000 High Rollers event where wars between the elite and powerful will take place.

But that’s not all, for the Main Event is the one everyone has their eyes on and wants to win as it offers a guaranteed prize of $2.1 million.  Do you have the interest, the skills, and the balls to fight it out with the best?

Michael Kanaan, a home player, took back nearly $400,000 along with the title.  He also received a fully paid trip to America with a shot at the WSOP Bracelet by representing The Star Sydney at the Global Championships.

This year’s winner has the same opportunity.  It’s there for the taking if you have what it takes?

adminNovember 16, 2018


The most-awaited competition on the national revolution, the World Poker Tour (WPT) India 2018, hits the ground. The series got working with the ₹20,000 Kickoff No Limit Hold’em with several great names for the top prize. In 2017, WPT India saw robust participation figures. This year, the group promises to be the best of all poker carnivals that can break the past records of participation.

After a day of invigorating performance, which witnessed many ideals step out and some brand-new faces make a mark, the opening field of 201 listings in the series-opener has pared down to a terminal table of nine contestants.

Contestants In Charge Of The Final Table

India`s first-ever World Series of Poker (WSOP) chain champion Aditya Sushant (773,000) will be overseeing the command at the final table. Aditya Agarwal and Sushant are the biggies among the nine finalists whom the fans can expect to steal the show in the event. Abhishek Garg (453,000) and Adda52 Team Pro, Kunal Patni (536,000) would be the serious contenders to watch out for in the first three stacks.

Many heavyweights are set to take part in it, including the peers of WPT Vietnam Main Event Winner Dhaval Mudgal, Pranav Khandalkar, Rajat Sharma, Nishant Sharma, Abhishek Jalan, Vivek Rughani,  Bollywood actress. The other big names include Minissha Lamba, MadOverPoker Pro, Zarvan Tumboli, Adda52 Team Pro, Amit Jain, Sanjay Taneja and the co-founder of The Indian Poker Series (TIPS). Besides, fans can also catch Jaydeep Dawer, Meherzad Munsaf, and the First Lady of Indian poker Shuchi Chamaria in action.

WPT India 2017 Recap

WPT India was launched in November 2017 with the WPTDeepstacks Series which took position onboard Casino Deltin Royale in Goa. The preeminent set was an enraged victory drawing over 1,400 records, wherein the Main Event alone witnessed as many as 527 entries. The series-opener ₹20K Kickoff was held down by Mumbai-lad Kanishka Samant, last year, who defeated a range of 195 listings for a ₹9.12 Lakhs payday.

Day 1 Recap

The 20K Kickoff event beat off with participation figures rising by the hour. Shortly, there were 65 records in all and the figures finally turned off at 201 records with the time late enrollment terminated at the end of Level 6.

Established pro-Dhaval Mudgal ended up with a remarkable performance. He earned home his first foreign title in the year 2018 WPT Vietnam Main Event for VND 2.42 Billion (₹76.02 Lakhs) and was a member of the Indian crew that took a role in the 2018 WPT Korea Global Teams Event,

Young Gun Devesh Thapar, who obtained a 13th place defeat at the 2018 Asian Poker Tour (APT) in the Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Main Event Championship for VND 115.41 Million (₹3.40 Lakhs), was also seen in action on the day.

The fans can expect the momentum, which has just started to build up, to go even further in the days to come.

adminNovember 16, 2018


The betting market in India has lately been entangled in a network of administrative and constitutional drama. Following the problems in administering the offshore casinos in Goa, including the Goa Congress requesting for the auctioneering of casino permissions, the newest revelation befalls in from the India Cruise Lines Association also known as INCLA.

The company that gives a call to the cruise shipping community is inscribed to have appealed the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) for various franchises and alterations in gaming laws. According to them, it will help in the extension of the cruise transportation and tourism courses.

What Is The Petition All About?

In its appeal, INCLA not only made certain demands from the PMO but also highlighted the requirement for the decrease in GST rates suitable for the supply of goods and assistance onboard cruise ships. The INCLA also summoned for the requirement for the government to allow tax holidays for the voyage industry and single window allowances. According to them, the current entertainment and betting laws should be revised and improved.

The modern laws, the INCLA led out, not only feign limitations on entertainment, gaming, casino operations, etc. but also give rise to various operational roadblocks for the onboard sail vessels within the provincial waters of India.

The immediate consequence of the current legislation on the cruise business was aptly asserted by a cruise line operator who argued the problem with DNA. “Currently, these aids are provided to the sail tourists while the cruise boat is exceeding 12/200 nautical miles from the Indian coastline considering these amusement and gambling laws do not favor to implement beyond 12/200 nautical miles. Nevertheless, while the sailboat is inside the Indian territory, voyage liners are incapable to afford gaming, amusement and casino services to the travelers and match their expectations,” the supervisor stated.

The Intention Of Providing A Common Platform To The Cruise Industry

Rajya Sabha MP and the Essel Group Chairman Subhash Chandra supports INCLA and came into action in August 2018, with the purpose and aim of giving a common stage for eventual expansion and development of cruise ship industry. Besides INCLA, Chandra’s organization, there is a link of the Essel Group with the gaming and lottery platforms and it operates state lotteries under the trademark name ‘Playwin’.

In 2016, Essel Group had also advanced in the world of online poker and originated its new poker website, ‘PokerNation’. But in the month of September 2018, PokerNation chose to close its website after breaking ways with its global software provider Microgaming Network.

However, this is not the first time that the INCLA has come up with such requirements. Back in the month of August 2018, the company had given a whitepaper to the Union Minister for Shipping, Highways, River Development, Road Transport, and Ganga Rejuvenation, Nitin Gadkari.

The central administration has also been requested to improve the present Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) system to permit international investment in casinos on cruise boats. Whether the charges made by the INCLA will be admitted and recognized by the PMO is yet to be seen.

adminNovember 14, 2018


Top 5 Considerations before Making A Move in Poker Revealed in 2018

Have you played poker? If yes, then you must be aware of Squeeze Play. In this blog, we will offer you five effective strategies that you must consider before making a move while playing. No doubt, it is a very effective way for both cash games and MTTs, but this strategy can act as a sharp sword if you are not aware of picking your spots. Let us begin with the points that you need to ponder while you are on a serious game.

  • Size your squeeze plays: If you are feeling that the strategy is not working, then the problem might be with sizing. Usually, a player either wants to fold the contestant or call in case, you are having a big hand with a specific price. Calculating out the right raise sizing is not a cakewalk, but it firmly depends on your image and the kind of players who are against you. The trick here is, you should make your squeeze size four times than that of the original. This will lead to bot providing the other players a high price to call offering you an opportunity to go bigger if you have fewer callers after the original raise.

    Poker 5 tips
    5 factors for every poker hand
  • Define Your Range: Besides knowing how to resize, the player must know what hands symbolize best squeeze candidates is another part where numerous players are still struggling. We are talking about big pockets pairs and powerful Aces like Ace-King or Ace Queen which enhances your motivation for squeezing to the prime and precise price. With this, you can stay far ahead with the opening range. Therefore, these hands are not much difficult to figure out. Alternatively, there are hands representing amazing squeeze candidates but they are not good enough to just make a flat call in position. These types of hands consolidate broadways that hinder the top of your competitor’s range.
  • Factor your position: Nothing is fixed in poker, here, it is recommended that your factor position while you are constructing squeezing range is essential. The simple reason behind this is, when you are right in the position, you are able to flat and see more flops. This position will give you an advantageous position after the flop. But, you should not overdo it against the tight early position opens and only call strongly suited connector with middle pairs. According to Poker Snowie, you should basically squeeze a firm range starting from BTN against EP opener.
  • Avoid difficult spots: If you are considering squeezing in poker tournaments, you must be vigilant about your stack size. Negligence will lead you to a tricky spot and you may enter a critical flop in an inflated pot.
  • Do not fear the monsters under the bed: At times, players miss out on accurate squeeze play shot, because they are afraid of an active player. An active player is capable of opening many pots and will refrain from folding large pieces of his range. However, you can use the squeeze play in a charming manner against the active player, that there will no other chances left for him apart from allowing you to take the pot.

adminNovember 14, 2018


PokerStars Releases PokerStars VR in the Global Markets

The most anticipating and much awaited virtual reality (VR) social game called the Poker Stars VR is here. PokerStars VR is the new online game of the online gaming giant, PokerStars. It is a free online game that is rebuilding the live poker surrounding on a digital stage.

An official statement by PokerStars describes the game as a perfect blend of pressing gameplay, fun interactions and social actions that are vividly adding an entire new poker realm for gamers to discover. The game PokerStars VR is released in association with Lucky VR in September month of the year 2018. From its inception, the company has received more than one hundred fifty visitors and players who want to play and take a beta test on the virtual reality inspired digital poker tournament.

The success of this game development goes to the private group beta trial. This is the reason that PokerStars is now able to go with the global launching of PokerStars VR. It is available for players on the worldwide stores through the channels such as Viveport, Steam, and Oculus. In fact, gamers who are vividly involved in Poker will love the game as it offers a trustworthy and engaging social game. PokerStars VR permits the performer to select their own setting. For example, Macao, Las Vegas, etc.

According to the Director of Poker Innovation and Operations at PokerStars, the game was happily accepted by the audience after the launch and everyone became truly engrossed in the competition. The authority wanted to present poker with the new digital touch and hence, explored virtual reality in depth. They believe virtual reality is the trending avenue of technology which can be consolidated in the game.

No sport can be actually appreciated without enduring it. The game is congenial with Twitch programming and Oculus Rift streaming. Players can access the game with an Oculus Rift VR set, which offers an awesome entertaining ambience while you are playing PokerStars VR.

Interestingly, the players can utilize the virtual reality technology to view their pocket cards. Furthermore, they can talk to their table mates and pick up the points which are usually lacking in common poker games. They can also customize their personal in-game look and take care of their cards and chips just like a real poker game on the table. The game sports five different surroundings, for players to make a choice. They are The Macau Suite, The Shutdown Salon, The Monte Carlo Yacht, Macau 2050 and the Void.

According to Poker Stars, this game is not for typical grinders who are habitual with playing on eight tables. Leaving aside this group, it will be a game of interest for others. It is actually an enriching experience of playing poker on a different level. After the launch of the game, several people are now heading to buy a VR headset because the game is irresistibly good! Come and Explore PokerStars VR and revolutionize your poker gaming experience.

adminNovember 14, 2018


The gaming business has been prevalent with tales of funding promotions and revenue declines, even as the U.S midterm polls kept management operators on the point in many states. On the national front, the digital gaming business company, Mobile Premier League (MPL) boosted ₹36.24 Crores ($5 Million) in a funding performance that was commenced by Venture Capital firm in Sequoia Capital.

Regrettably, the traditional free-play online poker website, Zynga Poker appears to be on a descending spiral. The organization reported unexpected revenue numbers in Q3 of 2018, with online poker earnings slipping below 13% year-on-year.

Indian Digital Gaming Startup MPL Boosts24 Crores in Series A Funding

Mobile Premier League (MPL), an India-based digital game marketing startup company, has received Rs 36.24  Crores ($5 Million) that too in a Series A funding round, with a bulk of the funding coming in from Venture Capital firm, Sequoia Capital.

The MPL gaming program expedites users to play live games for original money skill-based mobile plays. According to news, members can opt to play games of their choice such as Sudoku or Brick Breaker and later choose a match, based on the capital they desire to pay. Every match lasts for a particular time span and only a definite number of users can perform in it. After the decisions are advertised for a competition, champions can cash out instantly via bank transferal, Paytm or UPI.

Zynga Poker Posts First Revenue Decline In 2 Years

Zynga has announced an unexpected decline in its wealth numbers for its flagship free-play online poker upright, Zynga Poker, in the modern year’s fiscal division Q3. As per the company’s latest business news, the online gaming income of Zynga Poker diminished 13% year-on-year.

The wealth drop is shocking recognizing the reality that Zynga Poker posted wholesome growth, of approximately 6% in Q1 of this year, assigned to continued improvements to in-game characteristics like hurdles and jackpots.

Online Poker Master Adam Laxalt Misses 2018 Nevada Governor Sport

Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, a long-standing authority of online poker, has been exposed in his attempt to be selected as the succeeding director of the state. As the world’s first gaming center, Nevada is the leading U.S. state to have sanctioned and ordered online poker and is amidst the unique three states in the nation to have a successful online poker business.

Notwithstanding this, Laxalt has stood in well-known aversion to online poker. In the years 2015 and 2016, he co-signed a report with another Attorney-at-law general in supporter of the Adelson’s Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) that if executed would make online poker banned in the U.S. by systematizing the earlier inaccurate analysis of the Wire Act.

Laxalt implied that wealth launderers could be tricking online gambling executives and revealed assistance to returning Nevada to the state quo of its pre-online poker days. The interrogation of allowing casino gambling was introduced in the midterm polls in the U.S. state in the copy of Issue 4 and the Arkansas voters exceeded it by a border of 54.07% vote.

adminAugust 21, 2018


‘Supersaiyan’ Grabs Win In The SSS Event #7 At The Spartan Poker

At the Spartan Super Series, the opening event of the Day 2 initiated excellently. ‘NaitikJennRj14’ was the India poker player who won the Event #6 of this series. After the sixth event, the late afternoon tournament attracted lots of poker players but ‘supersaiyan’ outlasted all the participants of the event and succeeded to grab a title win in this tournament.

This tournament came with a Re-entry format with a buy-in of INR 880 and players competed for the assured prize pool of INR 3 Lakhs. The final field consisted of total 217 entries which allowed the prize pool to lift up to INR 3,51,200. In this SSS event, the top 30 players are assured to get a min-cash of INR 2,634. The names of notable players who performed well but could not make it to the final table are ‘Romoid’ (10th), ‘pokernoob’ (12th), and ‘David Blaine’ (15th).

The exciting aspect in the tournaments is to see who grabs the first 3 spots. It was ‘Riverhunter’ who got eliminated from the final three spots; his elimination came at the hands of ‘mmonas’. He held considerable hand in Ks Jc and decided to make the call against mmonas’ Qh 3c. The flop -Qd 4c 4d As 5h is not a favorable one for ‘Riverhunter’ and so he was compelled to leave the tournament at the third spot, winning a prize money of INR 35,120. Both the players at the top positions held commendable stacks and it was time for heads-up. mmonas was a bit ahead of his opponent with 1.8 million stacks as compared to 1.6 million stacks of his opponent.

The battle was not a prolonged one because there were nearly 25 hands, but half there was one huge pot which provided a huge lead to supersaiyan. mmonas’ 6d Jd let him bump it up to 120,000 (blinds were 40,000-80,000). supersaiyan’s Ah 6h was quite strong, for a heads-up hand and based on that, he lifted it to 315,000. These two players hit a bottom pair on a flop of Kh 4d 6s. It was supersaiyan who ventured 405,000 and eventually faced a power all-in of 1.6 million by mmonas. For mmonas, things didn’t improve due to the turn and river (9c, 8c) and ultimately, the lead went to the way of supersaiyan.

On some more pots, mmonas dedicated all his focus to regain the game in his favor but supersaiyan still owned the lead whilst the final hand took place. Eventually, the final hand pitted the mmonas’ Ace Queen against the supersaiyan’s Ace King. They both hit a pair on the 6h 4c 5h 4s 9c board; however, the supersaiyan’s King kicker facilitated him to grab the title along with the prize money of INR 73,752 whereas mmonas was declared as runner-up with the prize money of INR 51,626. With two events already completed, we are yet to see three more events for Day 2 action comprising of the highlight Mega Stack tournament of the day.


Keep up your excitement as the SSS Series is yet to disclose admirable winners like supersaiyan, in the coming events!


adminAugust 20, 2018


‘Naitikjennrj14’ Wins A Title In The Opening Event Of SSS Day 2

The second day of action of the Spartan Super Series at The Spartan Poker is just completed and there are five more events to take place at the end of Day 2. The cash of more than 3.7 Crores and prizes are to be offered for participating players so this is the prime reason why the competition is strong. At Spartan, Tuesday is recognized as Mega Stack day and the ‘Lite’ version of this prestigious daily featured tournament initiated the day’s action. In the opening event of SSS Day 2, there was a poker player -‘NaitikJennRj14’ who outlasted the field. He succeeded to win the title and take home the whopping prize money.

There were 356 entries in this INR 1,000 buy-in re-entry tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of INR 4 Lakhs which is expected to reach up to INR 5,84,220. Huge numbers of payouts were anticipated and every poker player was guaranteed a min-cash of INR 2,628. The game continued for 7 hours, the field transformed to the final table and after that, there were three players remaining to grab the enormous prize money. ‘johnny89’ was compelled to exit by ‘zeeke’ (6d 6c) because his 8h Ac was incapable to hit the board of 3c Kh Qc 4c 5s. This indirectly implies that zeeke would face NaitikJennRj14 for attaining the title.

Though zeeke succeeded to win the knockout pot against johnny89, his stack was still lagging to that of NaitikJennRj14. zeeke’s stack was 3.9 million whereas that of NaitikJennRj14 was 5.6 million chips. This cannot be considered as a major drawback because the difference can be compensated by only one hand and it may change the things around in poker.

There were few pots being traded to and fro before zeeke finally accomplished to score a million chip pot against his challenger to reduce the stack gap slightly. In spite of continuous efforts of zeeke, NaitikJennRj14 still own a million chip advantages whilst the final hand took place. The blinds were running at 48,000-96,000-9,600, and NaitikJennRj14 (Jh 9h) lifted it to 144k. On the other hand, zeeke (Ts 2d) made it certain to test the chip leader with a profound lift to 480,000. NaitikJennRj14 decided to see a flop of 9s Ad Kc.

The game showed twist when zeeke sustained to rep a strong hand by shooting out 585k which was leveled again by NaitikJennRj14. The latter had caught a piece of the flop through his bottom pair. There was another big card in Qc on the turn; however, the board has no become extremely scary for both of them and it went check-check. The river card 9c presented NaitikJennRj14 with a set of Nines and this was an auspicious moment for him when zeeke made a call to pass off at the pot by going all-in.

When the cards opened, zeeke acknowledged the bad news regarding his elimination. Finally, the opening event of SSS Day 2 declared its first winner of the day -NaitikJennRj14 who bagged a whopping prize money of INR 1,08,080. This was his first SSS title of the series. On the other hand, zeeke was declared as the runner-up with prize money of INR 77,993.


A commendable victory for ‘NaitikJennRj14’ in the SSS Day 2 event packed with strong competition, indeed!

adminAugust 16, 2018


 Ankit Wadhawan takes home a title on SSS Day 2

For online poker players, the weekend grind is always a recommended one and it offers lots of value in different tournaments and tournament series. For a few players who are extraordinarily talented, it becomes better because they achieve some marvelous consistent finishes and that too in a short interval.

The evening tournament of the Spartan Super Series (SSS) at The Spartan Poker was organized on 14th August 2018, at 6:00 pm. It was Ankit Wadhawan a.k.a ‘d00mtr00p3r’ who depicted extraordinary performance to bag his first SSS title of the series by getting a win in Event #8.

There were total 135 players who played this Re-entry tournament with INR 1,650 buy-in. The tournament had a guarantee of 3.5 Lakhs but it got elevated up to INR 4.05 Lakhs by the finish of registration. Those poker players who would hold rank in the top 18 positions are assured min-cash of INR 6,480.

Poker players like ‘spectre’, ‘Romoid’, SSS Mega Freeze champion -‘omgrachelgreen’ and ‘stupefy’ cashed out the money but unfortunately, they could not reach the final table. This tournament also highlighted few well-known names like Shravan ‘D.Trump04’ Chhabria (finished at 6th) and Parminder Randhava (SSS Event #5 champion) but these players were unable to bag the title.

After ‘alpha321’ got eliminated at the third place, while competing against ‘indianpro’, the latter proceeded into heads-up against d00mtr00p3r. The player -d00mtr00p3r was 2:1 underdog stack-wise to indianpro. In order to try and bridge the gap, he kept reducing the indianpro’s stack. The prominent switch in stacks took place in a high card hand where indianpro (Td Kh) attempted to take over d00mtr00p3r by moving all his poker chips on one hand. Nevertheless, an Ace is a strong card into heads-up and d00mtr00p3r made it certain to confront with his 2c Ac.

There was nothing that hit either of the players on a board of Jh 6h 4s 8s 5s and this lead the majority of chips to swung in d00mtr00p3r’s support. After the 4:1 lead, the tournament deciding hand was played instantly. It was a pre-flop all-in during which indianpro (9c 7h) lost to the two pair of Ad Jc of d00mtr00p3r on a board of 6d As 5s 6s Jh. Ankit Wadhawan bagged the prize money of INR 1,04,287 for his win, on the other hand, indiapro was rewarded with INR 69,052 for the runner-up finish.

This achievement was not a matter of surprise for Ankit Wadhawan because the last weekend, he won Saturday’s mini version of the Spartan’s daily featured tournament – the DareDevil (Lite). Furthermore, he also won the Mega Freeze tournament, less than a month ago. As compared to his performances during the 4 runner-up finishes at the India Online Poker Championship (IOPC) in July 2018, his performance on SSS Day 2 was marvelous.

After the notable achievement on SSS, Wadhawan will now focus on the leaderboard of the SSS where the winner bags the prize money of INR 4 Lakhs from the 10 Lakhs on offer. A great achievement in the right direction, keep it up Ankit Wadhawan !!

adminAugust 16, 2018


APPT Manila 2018: Kunal Patni Was Declared As The Runner Up In Shot Clock Event With Prize ₹12.50 Lakhs, Sam Srinivas Polishetty Completed At The 6th In ₱10,000 NLH Turbo

Recently, the record-breaking series – Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) Manila came to an end declaring the winners and the titles. It is one of the greatest poker festivals in Asia, which featured a total 22 events. It lasted for nine days during which kept the poker industry enthralled with its appealing guaranteed events, attracting massive turnouts. The key aspect of focus is the five PSPC Platinum Passes that were offered to the champions of the APPT Kickoff Event, Megastack Event, Main Event, National Event, and the Saturday SuperStack.

Beginning from 4th August 2018, the series witnessed the record-breaking action and the credits of the same goes for the dedicated players. The APPT National has flattened its guarantee in 2018, enticing a notable entry field of 829 players over its two starting flights. The record was surpassed by the Main Event as that event recorded total 1,364 entries. With this entry figure, the event turned out to be the greatest poker tournament organized in the Philippines to date.

In addition to the performances of players, there were several thrilling journeys noted on the poker felts and finally, the series ended with the ₱200,000 High Roller. This was won by Ivan Hon Cheong Lee for whopping prize money of ₱4,656,260 (₹60.65 Lakhs), whereas, Taiwanese pro -Tzu Chieh won the 6-Handed Shot Clock at the commendable prize money of ₱1,460,000. The ₱10,000 NLH Turbo title was claimed by the Norwegian player Kai Danilo for ₱414,000.

The last Sunday was exciting for the Indian poker players who kept up their spirit on the final day of the Series. It was Kunal Patni (₹12.50 Lakhs) who finished as the runner-up in 6-Handed Shot Clock event. Moreover, Varun Gupta noted a fifth-place finish (₹3.90 Lakhs) finish, and Team Manager of GPL India Mumbai Jetsetters -Kavin Shah came out at the 20th place (₹80,792) in this event.

There were 29 Indian poker players who participated in the ₱30,000 Saturday SuperStack event. Out of them, Jaydeep Dawer (finished at the 18th place for ₹1.69 Lakhs), Varun Gupta (finished at the 46th place for ₹79,489) and Sahil Chutani (finished at the 53rd place for ₹79,489) made a notable place in the team’s scorecard.

Sam Srinivas Polishetty was the only player from India to outlast in ₱10,000 NLH Turbo event. He completed at the sixth place (₹118,842) on the final table, thus representing Team India extraordinarily at the international level.

Kunal Patni and Sam Srinivas Polishetty let the APPT Manila 2018 series to witness a record-breaking end!

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