Indian rummy is an enjoyable card game that people in India love. It is a game that people often use to spend long and tiring train journeys. Even in days when internet wasn’t available. Laying cards helped people pass time and make new friends. In a way, train journeys and card games have always stayed inseparable. Here we have listed out the many ways in which rummy card games made train journeys more enjoyable.

Learning New Rummy Game Strategies

When we play rummy with the same old friends, we don’t gain much from the game except entertainment. This is not the case when you play your favourite card game with someone new. A new friend always has new strategies and plans that he will teach you as he plays. Keenly observe a new train friend who has joined you in the game of rummy and you will surely be able to grasp new facts about the game. You will learn new ways to arrange the cards to make better sequences and melds. You will also understand what you lack in the game and improve in those aspects.

Making New Friends Through Cards

Train journeys can be long and tedious. One needs to find some company t pass the long journey. This is where playing cards prove to be completely useful. They not just help you pass some cheerful time with people you don’t know but also help to fill the gap. You become friends with your co-travellers when you play cards with them. Playing rummy helps you assess the friends and know how they think and strategize. The friendships that begin this way may simply last for decades.

Making New Memories Through Rummy

Those who have memorable childhood train journeys also have memorable rummy sessions on the RAC Birth of long-distance trains. When you have people hailing from different destinations come together in a single berth, rummy games help them communicate through the right game moves. The gaming sessions most often become unforgettable memories as time passes. When we look back after many years, those are the things you cherish and remember. So, what is the harm in carrying a deck of the most beautiful card sets. You can enjoy the game, pass the time and also make it memorable. Now, isn’t that a really good bargain?

Playing Rummy Online and Offline

Things have changed a lot between then and now. In the past, there was no internet and a deck of cards made a big difference in the relationship of co-travellers. Today, the internet has changed the way people look at life. Even when there are few minutes spare time, people switch on their mobile phones and play online games. This does not mean that rummy is any less popular today. People choose the most popular apps like Khelplay Rummy to challenge their friends in a game of rummy. The best part of this is that people get to choose between a wide range of Indian rummy card games. They can decide the duration and the time of the game. Unlike in the past when you had to abide by cultural norms, today you can play rummy anytime and anywhere as long as there is a good internet connection to back you.

Adding to Rummy Circles Online

In the past, train journeys set geographical boundaries and prevented you from enjoying rummy with your friends abroad. This is what has changed with the help of modern apps like Khelplay Rummy. Now, you can challenge your friend staying right across the globe. Your rummy circle online is expanding and you get to interact with people from different regions of the world who possess similar interests as you.

So, next time you plan a long-distance train journey, don’t forget to download your favourite rummy app. The Khelplay Rummy app with its responsive design and multiple rummy variations to choose from easily appeals to all ardent rummy enthusiasts. There are many different variations of rummy you can try on this fabulous app such as Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy, Points Rummy and Gin Rummy. So, wait no more my friend. Download the Khelplay Rummy app and play away your travel time.