Ankit Wadhawan takes home a title on SSS Day 2

For online poker players, the weekend grind is always a recommended one and it offers lots of value in different tournaments and tournament series. For a few players who are extraordinarily talented, it becomes better because they achieve some marvelous consistent finishes and that too in a short interval.

The evening tournament of the Spartan Super Series (SSS) at The Spartan Poker was organized on 14th August 2018, at 6:00 pm. It was Ankit Wadhawan a.k.a ‘d00mtr00p3r’ who depicted extraordinary performance to bag his first SSS title of the series by getting a win in Event #8.

There were total 135 players who played this Re-entry tournament with INR 1,650 buy-in. The tournament had a guarantee of 3.5 Lakhs but it got elevated up to INR 4.05 Lakhs by the finish of registration. Those poker players who would hold rank in the top 18 positions are assured min-cash of INR 6,480.

Poker players like ‘spectre’, ‘Romoid’, SSS Mega Freeze champion -‘omgrachelgreen’ and ‘stupefy’ cashed out the money but unfortunately, they could not reach the final table. This tournament also highlighted few well-known names like Shravan ‘D.Trump04’ Chhabria (finished at 6th) and Parminder Randhava (SSS Event #5 champion) but these players were unable to bag the title.

After ‘alpha321’ got eliminated at the third place, while competing against ‘indianpro’, the latter proceeded into heads-up against d00mtr00p3r. The player -d00mtr00p3r was 2:1 underdog stack-wise to indianpro. In order to try and bridge the gap, he kept reducing the indianpro’s stack. The prominent switch in stacks took place in a high card hand where indianpro (Td Kh) attempted to take over d00mtr00p3r by moving all his poker chips on one hand. Nevertheless, an Ace is a strong card into heads-up and d00mtr00p3r made it certain to confront with his 2c Ac.

There was nothing that hit either of the players on a board of Jh 6h 4s 8s 5s and this lead the majority of chips to swung in d00mtr00p3r’s support. After the 4:1 lead, the tournament deciding hand was played instantly. It was a pre-flop all-in during which indianpro (9c 7h) lost to the two pair of Ad Jc of d00mtr00p3r on a board of 6d As 5s 6s Jh. Ankit Wadhawan bagged the prize money of INR 1,04,287 for his win, on the other hand, indiapro was rewarded with INR 69,052 for the runner-up finish.

This achievement was not a matter of surprise for Ankit Wadhawan because the last weekend, he won Saturday’s mini version of the Spartan’s daily featured tournament – the DareDevil (Lite). Furthermore, he also won the Mega Freeze tournament, less than a month ago. As compared to his performances during the 4 runner-up finishes at the India Online Poker Championship (IOPC) in July 2018, his performance on SSS Day 2 was marvelous.

After the notable achievement on SSS, Wadhawan will now focus on the leaderboard of the SSS where the winner bags the prize money of INR 4 Lakhs from the 10 Lakhs on offer. A great achievement in the right direction, keep it up Ankit Wadhawan !!