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adminAugust 21, 2018


‘Supersaiyan’ Grabs Win In The SSS Event #7 At The Spartan Poker

At the Spartan Super Series, the opening event of the Day 2 initiated excellently. ‘NaitikJennRj14’ was the India poker player who won the Event #6 of this series. After the sixth event, the late afternoon tournament attracted lots of poker players but ‘supersaiyan’ outlasted all the participants of the event and succeeded to grab a title win in this tournament.

This tournament came with a Re-entry format with a buy-in of INR 880 and players competed for the assured prize pool of INR 3 Lakhs. The final field consisted of total 217 entries which allowed the prize pool to lift up to INR 3,51,200. In this SSS event, the top 30 players are assured to get a min-cash of INR 2,634. The names of notable players who performed well but could not make it to the final table are ‘Romoid’ (10th), ‘pokernoob’ (12th), and ‘David Blaine’ (15th).

The exciting aspect in the tournaments is to see who grabs the first 3 spots. It was ‘Riverhunter’ who got eliminated from the final three spots; his elimination came at the hands of ‘mmonas’. He held considerable hand in Ks Jc and decided to make the call against mmonas’ Qh 3c. The flop -Qd 4c 4d As 5h is not a favorable one for ‘Riverhunter’ and so he was compelled to leave the tournament at the third spot, winning a prize money of INR 35,120. Both the players at the top positions held commendable stacks and it was time for heads-up. mmonas was a bit ahead of his opponent with 1.8 million stacks as compared to 1.6 million stacks of his opponent.

The battle was not a prolonged one because there were nearly 25 hands, but half there was one huge pot which provided a huge lead to supersaiyan. mmonas’ 6d Jd let him bump it up to 120,000 (blinds were 40,000-80,000). supersaiyan’s Ah 6h was quite strong, for a heads-up hand and based on that, he lifted it to 315,000. These two players hit a bottom pair on a flop of Kh 4d 6s. It was supersaiyan who ventured 405,000 and eventually faced a power all-in of 1.6 million by mmonas. For mmonas, things didn’t improve due to the turn and river (9c, 8c) and ultimately, the lead went to the way of supersaiyan.

On some more pots, mmonas dedicated all his focus to regain the game in his favor but supersaiyan still owned the lead whilst the final hand took place. Eventually, the final hand pitted the mmonas’ Ace Queen against the supersaiyan’s Ace King. They both hit a pair on the 6h 4c 5h 4s 9c board; however, the supersaiyan’s King kicker facilitated him to grab the title along with the prize money of INR 73,752 whereas mmonas was declared as runner-up with the prize money of INR 51,626. With two events already completed, we are yet to see three more events for Day 2 action comprising of the highlight Mega Stack tournament of the day.


Keep up your excitement as the SSS Series is yet to disclose admirable winners like supersaiyan, in the coming events!


adminAugust 20, 2018


‘Naitikjennrj14’ Wins A Title In The Opening Event Of SSS Day 2

The second day of action of the Spartan Super Series at The Spartan Poker is just completed and there are five more events to take place at the end of Day 2. The cash of more than 3.7 Crores and prizes are to be offered for participating players so this is the prime reason why the competition is strong. At Spartan, Tuesday is recognized as Mega Stack day and the ‘Lite’ version of this prestigious daily featured tournament initiated the day’s action. In the opening event of SSS Day 2, there was a poker player -‘NaitikJennRj14’ who outlasted the field. He succeeded to win the title and take home the whopping prize money.

There were 356 entries in this INR 1,000 buy-in re-entry tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of INR 4 Lakhs which is expected to reach up to INR 5,84,220. Huge numbers of payouts were anticipated and every poker player was guaranteed a min-cash of INR 2,628. The game continued for 7 hours, the field transformed to the final table and after that, there were three players remaining to grab the enormous prize money. ‘johnny89’ was compelled to exit by ‘zeeke’ (6d 6c) because his 8h Ac was incapable to hit the board of 3c Kh Qc 4c 5s. This indirectly implies that zeeke would face NaitikJennRj14 for attaining the title.

Though zeeke succeeded to win the knockout pot against johnny89, his stack was still lagging to that of NaitikJennRj14. zeeke’s stack was 3.9 million whereas that of NaitikJennRj14 was 5.6 million chips. This cannot be considered as a major drawback because the difference can be compensated by only one hand and it may change the things around in poker.

There were few pots being traded to and fro before zeeke finally accomplished to score a million chip pot against his challenger to reduce the stack gap slightly. In spite of continuous efforts of zeeke, NaitikJennRj14 still own a million chip advantages whilst the final hand took place. The blinds were running at 48,000-96,000-9,600, and NaitikJennRj14 (Jh 9h) lifted it to 144k. On the other hand, zeeke (Ts 2d) made it certain to test the chip leader with a profound lift to 480,000. NaitikJennRj14 decided to see a flop of 9s Ad Kc.

The game showed twist when zeeke sustained to rep a strong hand by shooting out 585k which was leveled again by NaitikJennRj14. The latter had caught a piece of the flop through his bottom pair. There was another big card in Qc on the turn; however, the board has no become extremely scary for both of them and it went check-check. The river card 9c presented NaitikJennRj14 with a set of Nines and this was an auspicious moment for him when zeeke made a call to pass off at the pot by going all-in.

When the cards opened, zeeke acknowledged the bad news regarding his elimination. Finally, the opening event of SSS Day 2 declared its first winner of the day -NaitikJennRj14 who bagged a whopping prize money of INR 1,08,080. This was his first SSS title of the series. On the other hand, zeeke was declared as the runner-up with prize money of INR 77,993.


A commendable victory for ‘NaitikJennRj14’ in the SSS Day 2 event packed with strong competition, indeed!

adminAugust 16, 2018


 Ankit Wadhawan takes home a title on SSS Day 2

For online poker players, the weekend grind is always a recommended one and it offers lots of value in different tournaments and tournament series. For a few players who are extraordinarily talented, it becomes better because they achieve some marvelous consistent finishes and that too in a short interval.

The evening tournament of the Spartan Super Series (SSS) at The Spartan Poker was organized on 14th August 2018, at 6:00 pm. It was Ankit Wadhawan a.k.a ‘d00mtr00p3r’ who depicted extraordinary performance to bag his first SSS title of the series by getting a win in Event #8.

There were total 135 players who played this Re-entry tournament with INR 1,650 buy-in. The tournament had a guarantee of 3.5 Lakhs but it got elevated up to INR 4.05 Lakhs by the finish of registration. Those poker players who would hold rank in the top 18 positions are assured min-cash of INR 6,480.

Poker players like ‘spectre’, ‘Romoid’, SSS Mega Freeze champion -‘omgrachelgreen’ and ‘stupefy’ cashed out the money but unfortunately, they could not reach the final table. This tournament also highlighted few well-known names like Shravan ‘D.Trump04’ Chhabria (finished at 6th) and Parminder Randhava (SSS Event #5 champion) but these players were unable to bag the title.

After ‘alpha321’ got eliminated at the third place, while competing against ‘indianpro’, the latter proceeded into heads-up against d00mtr00p3r. The player -d00mtr00p3r was 2:1 underdog stack-wise to indianpro. In order to try and bridge the gap, he kept reducing the indianpro’s stack. The prominent switch in stacks took place in a high card hand where indianpro (Td Kh) attempted to take over d00mtr00p3r by moving all his poker chips on one hand. Nevertheless, an Ace is a strong card into heads-up and d00mtr00p3r made it certain to confront with his 2c Ac.

There was nothing that hit either of the players on a board of Jh 6h 4s 8s 5s and this lead the majority of chips to swung in d00mtr00p3r’s support. After the 4:1 lead, the tournament deciding hand was played instantly. It was a pre-flop all-in during which indianpro (9c 7h) lost to the two pair of Ad Jc of d00mtr00p3r on a board of 6d As 5s 6s Jh. Ankit Wadhawan bagged the prize money of INR 1,04,287 for his win, on the other hand, indiapro was rewarded with INR 69,052 for the runner-up finish.

This achievement was not a matter of surprise for Ankit Wadhawan because the last weekend, he won Saturday’s mini version of the Spartan’s daily featured tournament – the DareDevil (Lite). Furthermore, he also won the Mega Freeze tournament, less than a month ago. As compared to his performances during the 4 runner-up finishes at the India Online Poker Championship (IOPC) in July 2018, his performance on SSS Day 2 was marvelous.

After the notable achievement on SSS, Wadhawan will now focus on the leaderboard of the SSS where the winner bags the prize money of INR 4 Lakhs from the 10 Lakhs on offer. A great achievement in the right direction, keep it up Ankit Wadhawan !!

adminAugust 16, 2018


APPT Manila 2018: Kunal Patni Was Declared As The Runner Up In Shot Clock Event With Prize ₹12.50 Lakhs, Sam Srinivas Polishetty Completed At The 6th In ₱10,000 NLH Turbo

Recently, the record-breaking series – Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) Manila came to an end declaring the winners and the titles. It is one of the greatest poker festivals in Asia, which featured a total 22 events. It lasted for nine days during which kept the poker industry enthralled with its appealing guaranteed events, attracting massive turnouts. The key aspect of focus is the five PSPC Platinum Passes that were offered to the champions of the APPT Kickoff Event, Megastack Event, Main Event, National Event, and the Saturday SuperStack.

Beginning from 4th August 2018, the series witnessed the record-breaking action and the credits of the same goes for the dedicated players. The APPT National has flattened its guarantee in 2018, enticing a notable entry field of 829 players over its two starting flights. The record was surpassed by the Main Event as that event recorded total 1,364 entries. With this entry figure, the event turned out to be the greatest poker tournament organized in the Philippines to date.

In addition to the performances of players, there were several thrilling journeys noted on the poker felts and finally, the series ended with the ₱200,000 High Roller. This was won by Ivan Hon Cheong Lee for whopping prize money of ₱4,656,260 (₹60.65 Lakhs), whereas, Taiwanese pro -Tzu Chieh won the 6-Handed Shot Clock at the commendable prize money of ₱1,460,000. The ₱10,000 NLH Turbo title was claimed by the Norwegian player Kai Danilo for ₱414,000.

The last Sunday was exciting for the Indian poker players who kept up their spirit on the final day of the Series. It was Kunal Patni (₹12.50 Lakhs) who finished as the runner-up in 6-Handed Shot Clock event. Moreover, Varun Gupta noted a fifth-place finish (₹3.90 Lakhs) finish, and Team Manager of GPL India Mumbai Jetsetters -Kavin Shah came out at the 20th place (₹80,792) in this event.

There were 29 Indian poker players who participated in the ₱30,000 Saturday SuperStack event. Out of them, Jaydeep Dawer (finished at the 18th place for ₹1.69 Lakhs), Varun Gupta (finished at the 46th place for ₹79,489) and Sahil Chutani (finished at the 53rd place for ₹79,489) made a notable place in the team’s scorecard.

Sam Srinivas Polishetty was the only player from India to outlast in ₱10,000 NLH Turbo event. He completed at the sixth place (₹118,842) on the final table, thus representing Team India extraordinarily at the international level.

Kunal Patni and Sam Srinivas Polishetty let the APPT Manila 2018 series to witness a record-breaking end!

adminAugust 16, 2018


‘Exit The Matrix’ Ships A Title In The Final Event Of SSS Day 2 At The Spartan Poker

The Mega Stack event proceeded into its middle stages in the current Spartan Super Series at The Spartan Poker, but the last event of the day – Event #10 commenced at 10:00 pm. The event features a seven-figure guaranteed prize worth INR 10 Lakhs. At 5:00 am on the auspicious occasion of Independence Day, ‘Exit the Matrix’ commemorated the beginning of this big day and ended with a title win.

There were total 313 entries who elevated the prize pool up to INR 11,20,000. Out of these entries, the first 39 finishers would bag the prize money. The amount worth INR 7,728 was guaranteed to money finishers but the key attention of the event was the top 3 finishers which conveyed the largest share of the amassed prize pool. In this tournament, the interesting thing to note is that Ankit Wadhawan a.k.a ‘d00mtr00p3r’ and its runner-up ‘indiapro’ too bagged the prize money, finishing at the 17th and 18th respectively. The names of other poker players who performed notably were Sam ‘Lokimon’ Anand (completed at the seventh place) and Anurag ‘InvestmentBanker’ Srivastava (past winner of this Mega Stack event).

The final phase of the event witnessed two players who continued the battle severely for the title and took home the biggest prizes. They were ‘100dagar’, who won 2.1 million and Exit the Matrix, who won 3.4 million. During the upcoming 10 odd hands, Exit The Matrix lost his lead, and he and ‘100dagar’ both were at similar stacks while a big hand and pot went down. By means of the blinds at 15,500-31,000-3,100, it was Exit the Matrix who choose an outstanding starting hand in pocket Kings (Kd Kh) and noted a lift to 46,500.

‘100dagar’ noted a commendable starting hand for heads-up and lifted it to 217,000 and the same got 4-bet to 558,000. Now ‘100dagar’ made it certain to even the bet to perceive a flop of Tc 3d 4d. Top kicker and top pair suggested that he was convenient to place his chips into the middle. However, he came across the bad news when his challenger’s Kings opened up. He does not have any Ace or Ten on the remaining street and this implied that a whopping pot (5.2 million) was attained by Exit the Matrix. Eventually, 100dagar was left with 354k in chips.

The final hand was conducted after a short interval when 100dagar made it certain to try and double up with 5c Qd and moved all his chips into the pot. The influence of bad news increased when Exit the Matrix smashed him with a big hand in As Ks. The board showed 2s Ad Ac 5h 6d and a set of Aces supported Exit the Matrix to grab the title, pot and whopping prize money of INR 2,25,560. On the other hand, 100dagar was rewarded with INR 1,49,296 for his runner-up finish.

After challenging moments during the final round, ‘Exit the Matrix’ finally shipped a title in the final event of SSS Day 2 with admirable prize money!

adminAugust 16, 2018


’24beez’ Wins The Mega Stack Title With The Biggest Prize Money Of SSS Day 2 At Event #9

Every Tuesday evenings, the daily featured tournament Mega Stack is organized at Spartan. The tournament typically comes with a guaranteed prize pool of 10 Lakhs. However, for the current Spartan Super Series (SSS), this guaranteed amount is increased by 50%, reaching to INR 15 Lakhs. The SSS Event #9 on Day 2 lasted for 7 hours and finally, ’24beez’ was announced as the winner. He bagged the biggest prize money of the Day 2 action.

Many poker fans may wonder why the prize money is the biggest; the reason is the prize pool prevailed the hiked guarantee amount. Total 308 participants put together INR 18 Lakhs in this tournament that presented a buy-in of INR 4,400. Out of them, 39 players would be rewarded with min-cash of INR 12,420.

The names of popular pros who cashed out from the tournament are Kanishka ‘Wildflower’ Samant (exited at the 25th place) and Chiraag Patel (IOPC title winner from July’s edition). There were several deep runs for Team India, but Patel outlasted the participating players and won his first international title at the APPT in Manila, recently.

The field transformed into the final table and from that to heads-up, due to this, it was down to 24beez and ‘U_R_MY_BANK’ contending for this tournament title and also for the biggest amount of the prize pool. The winner continued the lead with 5.7 million chips while that of U_R_MY_BANK was 3.9 million. The corresponding lead instantly flipped in support of U_R_MY_BANK, a few hands before the heads-up.

This was when a gigantic 2.3 million pot reached U_R_MY_BANK while he mounted an all-in move during his turn and the same was folded by 24beez. It’s not much time that the lead lasted long because, after a few hands, these two players hit two pairs. However, as the game unfolded, the hands of 24beez were the better out of the two and he bagged a pot valued 4.8 million chips. This was essentially not the last phase of the swing fest.

It was revealed that the heads-up play continued for over 50 hands and there were different pots with value in the range of 1 to 2 million. These pots were dealt between the two challengers. Many hands came into the favor of 24beez’s and when the final hand took place, he completed with more than 7 million chips as compared to 1.2 million chips of U_R_MY_BANK. The latter with Jh Th moved all his chips into the pot and 24beez who held an enormous lead made the call with Td 7d. The river was in favor of 24beez on a board of 5s 4d 9s 9c 7c and through the help of his two pairs of Nines and Sevens, the tournament declared him as a winner with a prize money of INR 3,60,900 and the title of SSS Mega Stack. Eventually, U_R_MY_BANK was declared as the runner-up and won a prize money of INR 2,39,940.

The occasion of winning the biggest prize money of SSS Day 2 will support ’24beez’ in his future poker endeavors!

adminAugust 14, 2018


Arjanveer Chadha attains win in back-to-back Spartan DareDevil

The Spartan DareDevil tournament is a renowned one because it guarantees an exciting twist to its format. This tournament is conducted every Saturday evening and it is the part of their daily featured tournament programme. The participating players are assured a whopping prize pool of INR 5 Lakhs.

This rebuy tournament presents an interesting twist in a way that busted players could buy back in at the price of 50% of the original buy-in. The aspect makes it an exciting value proposition for entrants and 81 of them confirmed to meet at the virtuals felts to grab the greatest chunk of that prize pool. The Indian poker player who claimed the largest chunk was none other than Arjanveer Chadha. He played as ‘instrumental’ at this tournament and it is the second successive week that he has bagged a victory in the same tournament.

The tournament enticed 81 participants and this implied that the prize pool crossed it guarantee to terminate at INR 5,70,000 to be distributed among the topmost 11 players. The players who are money finishers are guaranteed a minimum prize money of INR 14,250 for their attempts. In addition to the instrumental, some of the familiar names on that final table were ‘HomelessOnWiFi’ and Anirban ‘pokernoob’ Das. The latter continued the game with his outstanding consistency and secured fifth place, winning prize money of INR 44,460.

HomelessOnWifi appeared to like this tournament as he even liked the instrumental ran deep in DareDevil tournament of the previous week. In the current tournament, he finished up one spot lower. Through the pretty good hand of Ah Kd, HomelessOnWifi made it certain to put it shattered after a preliminary raise by ’tiltdaY’. Considering that shove, tiltdaY put in a great effort as did ‘NIMMAJJI’ but instrumental quickly decided to hold pocket Kings (Ks Kc). It would need a huge move to surpass HomelessOnWiFi but the board of 6d 2d 2c 2s Qs was not something that he was keenly looking for. Due to this, he got eliminated in fourth place for a commendable payday of INR 56,145.

The rest of the three players played a couple of more hands prior to making a call to chop up the residual prize pool. In accordance to an ICM deal, instrumental grabbed the title along with a prize of INR 1,25,517, NIMMAJI secured second place with prize money of INR 1,11,080, whereas tiltdaY came at the third place with a payday of INR 1,04,547.

The appealing scores for the top 3 finishers guarantee the poker industry that they would certainly take their shot at the featured event of Sunday i.e., SuperStack.

A commendable win for Arjanveer Chadha in the tournament packed with twists!

adminAugust 14, 2018


Kunal Patni Garbs The Second Place In APPT Manila Shot Clock Event

The last 10 days witnessed extraordinary performances by the Indian players as they keep on making good runs and recording a big score at the current series of Asia-Pacific Poker Tour’s (APPT) in Manila. The Indian poker group too bagged a title, with Chiraag Patel being declared as the winner of the NLH Turbo Event for ~INR 4.54 lakh.

In addition to the excellent performance by Chiraag Patel, Akshay Nasa narrowly missed out on the APPT National title, and Sahil Agarwal completed at the second place in the High Roller tournament. Furthermore, there were total 8 Indian poker players who bagged the prize money in the Main Event, creating it one of best outings of India at an APPT series. 

The final day witnessed one more Indian poker player – Kunal Patni who outshined in Manila. Till now, he had a good year in live poker. He was rewarded with whopping prize money for completing at the second place in the WPT Berlin Main Event. He bagged the prize money in Las Vegas as well, and this time, he just missed out on a title in Manila, completing at the second position, after Taiwan’s Tzu Chieh Lo.

The 6-Handed Shot Clock was essentially Event #21 of the APPT Manila series and it noted a buy-in of PHP 25,000 (~INR 32,500). The corresponding tournament witnessed 262 entries overall, ultimately generating an enormous prize pool of PHP 5,718,150 (~INR 74.52 lakh). The topmost 29 players were rewarded a min-cash of PHP 54,000 and other than Patni, there were two more Indian poker players who cashed out.

The captain of GPL India team Mumbai Jetsetters -Kavin Shah secured 20th place for PHP 62,000 (~INR 80,800). In addition to this, Varun Gupta too performed well in the final table, and Patni secured fifth place for PHP 300,000 (~INR 3.91 lakh). Patni depicted a brilliant run, completing at the second place along with prize money of PHP 960,000 (~INR 12.51 lakh).

For Patni, big wins are of no surprise because by now, he has amassed more than $400k in live poker cash. In the Asian circuit, he lost to Lo, a well-known poker player. The current tournament was the second last of the 2018 APPT Manila and the concluding tournament too witnessed an Indian poker player bagging the prize money. Furthermore, Sam Srinivas Polishetty finished in the sixth place with notable prize money of PHP 91,200 (~INR 1.18 lakh).

The names of the top 6 poker players of this tournament are Tzu Chieh Lo, Kunal Patni, Martijn Johannes Gerrits, Masatoshi Tanaka, Varun Gupta and Thananat Therdtskoonra.

Really a great achievement for Kunal Patni in the current APPT series in Manila!

adminAugust 14, 2018


APPT Manila 2018: Sahil Agarwal Declared As Runner Up In The High Roller Event With His Career-Best Score Of ₱4,656,260 (₹60.65 Lakhs)

For the majority of Indian poker players, the 2018 Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) is certainly one of the preferred grounds. This can be justified by several significant runs that Team India recorded at the series, until now. The spectacular runs were made by Akshay Nasa (secured 2nd place for ₹36.67 Lakhs in National), Jasven Saigal (secured 8th place for ₹1.40 Lakhs in Turbo Megastack) and Chiraag Patel (secured 1st place for ₹4.54 Lakhs in NLH Turbo). Following these runs, in the ₱200,000 High Roller event, the stellar runs were made by Sahil Agarwal and Sriharsha Doddapaneni.

Poker player -Doddapaneni completed at the ninth position and he was rewarded with ₱553,000 (₹7.20 Lakhs). However, the one who grabbed everyone’s attention and made the headline was none other than Agarwal, who performed outstandingly to reach the heads-up play against ultimate champion -Ivan Hon Cheong Lee. Agarwal could not complete at the first place, but his remarkable performance let him complete as the runner-up for ₱4,656,260 (₹60.65 Lakhs). Currently, his score is the greatest score by an Indian poker player at the series.

Discussing how the play unfolded, Doddapaneni and Agarwal made it to Day 2 and they were joined by players like Rathi Shashank, Kavin Shah, and Aditya Sushant from Day 1. Shashank, Shah, and Sushant could not bag any prize money, Agarwal and Doddapaneni proceeded to the final table. The champion of the event -Ivan Hon Cheong Lee attained a top position in the field consisting of 124 entries to secure his maiden APPT title as well as career-best cash of ₱4,676,260 (₹60.91 Lakhs).

The ₱200,000 High Roller’s field consisting of 124 runners has beaten the record of 82 poker players that participated in 2018 APPT Korea. These 82 players also set a new record for the APPT Manila edition, the event which made the best attendance record of 58 entries, in 2016. The massive prize pool of ₱22,131,520 (₹2,88,30,117) was due to the present player pool. There were total 90 unique entries, but only the first 17 entries were rewarded with prize money.

Glancing at the recap of Final Day, the 2016 APPT Manila High Roller champion -Yan Li lead the survivors from Day 1. Before the money bubble burst, many prominent players got eliminated. These eliminated players are Martijn Gerrits from Netherland, Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin, WSOP bracelet champion Mike Takayama and 2018 APPT Single Day High Roller champion Michael Soyza.

The Indian poker player – Aditya Sushant felt on the money bubble and he was railed by the runner-up finisher –Agarwal. The ace-jack by Agarwal surpassed the pocket nines by Sushant when the former smashed a pair of jacks, which made Sushant go to the rail.


adminAugust 12, 2018


Poker Player Player Maria Konnikova Featured in New York Times Interview

The Times featured an article on a retired poker professional -Vanessa Selbst, a couple of weeks ago. The article highlights how her life transforms as a hedge fund manager. Recently, the Times featured an article on psychologist/poker player -Maria Konnikova.

It is quite astounding to know what Konnikova has done over the last couple of years. After writing books that studied the thinking process of Sherlock Holmes and ways to implement the same into general life, Konnikova diverted her attention to the next direction. The writer, who attained her PhD in psychology from Columbia University in 2013, ultimately entered the world of poker. She settled in the industry which depicts the effects of luck and decision making.

In the recent article featured in the New York Times, Konnikova discussed her decision to make a career in poker, how she felt playing the games, and her future endeavors. Her story is acquiring attention and love from the mainstream media. Times writer Claudia Dreifus highlighted the efforts made by Maria Konnikova in her life and career. The aspect that is fascinating to know is her commentary on the game and the people around it. In the article, Dreifus mentioned that the interview continued for a couple of hours and provided in-depth info on who the lady is and how she made a career in the poker world.

She admitted that she had almost zero interest in casinos and also stated that it was quite critical for her to completely immerse in poker. She added that she needed to dedicate herself to the poker industry in this way, because if not then it would be just a writer’s experiment in the poker world. The player credits Seidel with the huge transformation, dedicating eight to nine hours per day behind the study, allowing her to bring up to the level of an international poker player.

Maria Konnikova is proficient at highlighting the ways in which females are still treated in the poker community. When Dreifus was inquired if the “poker pros” were good to her, she disclosed that she has been essentially called everything at the poker table. Moreover, she even mentions that there have been inapt proposals on the felt, which she confesses could be a trick to let her make ill decisions in the game.

The whole article is a wonderful interview with an individual who need not have to concern about ingratiating to the “poker world” for consent. She proves to be an exceptional ambassador for the poker game, brilliant and dedicated with her analysis. Lastly, she concluded that she is here to love the game and develop, and she may stay in the industry for a long time.

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