Wilson Yomso Emerges As The Winner Of The Mega Stack Tournament At The Spartan Poker

Spartan regular Wilson Yomso grabs victory at the Mega Stack Tournament, recently hosted by the Spartan Poker. He was rewarded with a whopping prize money of INR2,67,066. The victory he attained is worth his efforts and performance because the Mega Stack Tournament is usually one of the most sought after weekly featured online tournaments. This tournament assures a prize pool of INR 10 lakh and there are few of the topmost poker players in the country who make their presence count at the felts.

Glancing at how the tournament was conducted, it welcomed 444 entries, crushing assures to create an enormous prize pool of INR13.32 lakh. Due to this, 39 entries were rewarded with a minimum cash of INR9,190. There were several regular faces who exhibited their skill to secure their place in the money list. This shows that though they could not complete as a winner or runner-up, their skills are at least worth to let their names included in the money list/

After the exhausting action of 6 hours and 12 minutes at the tables, this tournament finished at level number 57. It is revealed that Wilson Yomso played by the moniker -‘Bikinse’ and he has exhibited his flair at the Spartan final tables on different occasions. One of the occasions was his performance at the Mega Stack Tournament at the Spartan Poker. It was during the heads-up round that Yomso competed against Vinay B aka ‘Minimalist’, the poker player who is too a favorite at the Spartan tables.

Yomso and Vinay B both continued to depict spectacular run at different tournaments for a considerable time now. Last year, in a Destiny tournament last year, Yomso secured a massive win. On the other hand, Vinay B secured lots of online titles in 2018 apart from the one in which he completed at the fourth-place finish in the Baby Dragon Event in Macau.

In this tournament, the final hand was set out with the blinds at 30,000/60,000-6,000. Yomso gained a bit upper hand during the tournament because he was in the lead with a narrow margin of 1.2:1 over Vinay. The latter raised all-in pre-flop with Jh Ah, therefore Yomso made the call with Qh, Ac. As the game unfolded, the community cards shown 9h Qc Kc 6s 2c and pocket Queens on the flop had Yomso secure the Mega Stack title with an appealing pay-check of INR2,67,066. Vinay, who finished as the runner-up, too made a notable contribution to his bankroll, receiving prize amount of INR1,77,555.

In addition to Yomso and Vinay, other Spartan regulars who get through with the paycheck include ‘pokerbill’ who secured third place, receiving prize amount over a lakh rupees. It was revealed that the Mega Freeze title winner ‘Stirfry’ completed at the tenth place.

A great achievement for the Spartan regular Wilson Yomso, indeed!