Bellagio Poker Room Colombo

Poker is quickly becoming a card game of choice for a large segment of today’s youth, with its element of skill and its fast-moving action. The poker boom in India has been powered by a spate of live poker rooms coming up in the boat casinos of Goa and the cities of Bangalore and Kolkata. With a couple of exceptions in Goa, however, accommodation is something that one has to look for himself.

Which is why, when cash games tours for Poker and Indian Flush are arranged at a top, plush casino and international Poker venue, along with accommodation and beverages et al, the stakes seem suddenly higher, and more attractive of a choice.

Taashpanti, the newly-formed Indian Poker Brand is organizing a Cash Games Bonanza this year in August to be held at the Casino Bellagio, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Doubtlessly, one of the most famous and well-regarded poker room in the Small south neighboring country Sri Lanka, and possibly the whole of Sri Lanka, The Bellagio, Colombo is a dedicated poker club that has surpassed competition and expectations time and time again.

Cash game players can never be disappointed either with games running from small, medium to large stakes, plus action-packed Omaha games. The capable staff are more than happy to accommodate other games and dealers’ choice is always an option.

This Bellagio Colombo Cash Poker Tour is the brainchild of Mr. Mandar Vaidya, a Bombay based entrepreneur and his team, who has been playing poker for the last 15 years and is well known in the live gaming fraternity.

Through their company GFL Entertainment, Mr. Mandar Vaidya and Mr Alok Joshi, this cash game event is being organised at The Casino Bellagio Colombo from 10th August 10th to 12th August 2018. Texas Hold’em Poker, Omaha Poker and Indian Flush will be arranged with side bets like live performances, extended beverages, shisha and much more to enjoy at the plush VIP Poker Room of the casino with buy ins of INR 50,000 / 100,000.

Taashpanti Colombo Live Poker Event

Additional perks like free stay and reimbursement of air fare (terms and conditions apply) are added to the flavour. Several Poker Players from all over India and Srilanka will attend the event to test their mettle, and have a lot of fun, at the same time.

A bunch of poker pros, stars and celebrities have already committed to this event, and GFL Entertainment aims to organize many more such events within India and globally as well from time to time. This way, poker pros and poker enthusiasts will have the opportunity to hone and pit their skills against their compatriots and poker players from other nations in live cash poker games or live poker tournaments.

For More information, please feel free to contact the Organisers, Mandar: +91 9619601113; Alok: +91 8779688588