Pocket52 Launch Mental Training Webinars

Pocket52 is the new kid on the block in the Indian Online Poker market. The site has been a success ever since the start. Since the online poker community is growing consistently, more and more new players have been seen joining this arena.

Important Aspect of Mental Training

Along with the mathematical and logical skills needed for playing poker, another aspect is the psychological niche which players should concentrate and progress in. The mental demands of constantly progressing and winning the competition can really be challenging. Thus mental game training is a must which is mostly ignored, even by the pros in this game.

Our mind is the superior of all the other things and thus controls how we perform in every action. Poker players are exposed to some really high-pressure scenarios while playing and thus it is vital to train the mind deliberately to handle such circumstances efficiently. The players who achieve this are therefore termed as “Pros”. Nothing can beat them, not even their own weaknesses.

The mental game is seemingly more important in poker than the other genres of competition. It’s one of the only sports in the world where you can play perfectly and still lose.

Mental Game Webinars

Pocket52 is hosting a series of a total of 8 webinars. They are absolutely free of cost. All you have to do is enroll through their website www.Pocket52.com. These webinars will take place online every Sunday at 3.00 pm IST. If at all you have missed the previous lessons, you could still enroll now and go through the archives at the website.

Mental Game Coach

Pocket52 is introducing Milica Bojic as their International Mental Coach. Mental game coaching helps the poker players to hone their skills productively, learn faster and also perform gracefully under pressure on the poker table when it is required the most. Milica specializes in training such ambitious poker players to resolve their mental game glitches and to assist them in reaching as well as maintaining as “A” game. She will guide the players to improve one’s mental readiness, focus, ability to ease up nerves, emotional intelligence, mental control of thoughts and more.

Coaching provided by the Mental Coach is:
  1. Helping in clarifying and articulating a vision for the basic question of “What do you want from your career? The ‘How?’, ’When?’ and ‘Where?’ of this vision. They help in designing and executing the player’s vision into reality.
  2. Providing objective feedback to the player’s performance and guiding them with their counseling.
  3. Helping discover players blind spots and helping them build and overcome it.
  4. Assisting the players in gaining emotional intelligence and to train those in keeping their head in the game at all time.