Poker is one game that takes a lifetime to perfect. I give below a few common mistakes that will help you prevent your money and a losing streak and also improve your chances of taking the pot home.

Being Emotional

Showing too much emotion on the poker table makes it easy for others to read you and act accordingly depending on your outward emotions, unless, of course, that is a part of your strategy. However too much emotion on the table like cursing not only makes you appear foolish but it also makes you look like a sore loser and a brat, so put on your poker face and let your fellow players continue guessing about what is on your mind.

Too Careless

While playing poker you can become careless in a lot of ways. You may unknowingly be showing your cards to your fellow players. You need to always remember to put a hand over your cards and protect them from peeping Toms. Likewise, you also have to be careful and always have your eyes to your own cards and not on other players cards.

Always Taking Things at Face Value

Another common mistake that a newbie or even a pro makes is to always take things at face value. For example, just because a player frowns does not mean that he or she has a bad card. Instead, it could well be a trick to throw you off the scent and to confuse other players into thinking what the player wants them to think. For this reason, you have to avoid taking things at their face value and start studying facial expressions and learn when they are bluffing and when they are not.

Folding as Opposed to Checking

Do not be too rash and fold during your turn when you do not like the turn or the flop. Remember, you can check if you are the first one to act. Now, when all the players have also checked, you will have the opportunity to see the next card. This happens to be true, too, if you do not happen to be the first one to act. When all players have checked before your turn, you should also check so as to find out what the next card is. Who knows? That next card might just be the winning card that will make your hand win, so do not fold just yet.

Playing too many hands

First, a huge mistake is playing too many hands. Think before you play a hand, and ask yourself ‘Is this going to help me in the long run?’ if your answer is Yes, go for it, but don’t go unless you can explain why it will be good. If your answer is NO, well… then don’t play. This goes the same for playing too few hands. If you spend more time waiting and less time actually playing, you might miss some good opportunities. Never bet more than you have to because betting a lot is a common mistake. This may seem like common sense-you bet only what you have but you’ll be surprised how many times people find themselves with high numbers, but with a negative in front. Poker games could take a while, and patience is a virtue you need to possess. Spacing out is a huge mistake, seeing as, with hold’em, you’re playing a non-stop game that requires non stop strategies. Focus, focus, focus. Don’t let your mind drift onto something else because you’ll find your money drifting into someone else’s wallet.

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