What the Crap!
A Newbie’s Guide To Craps
Among the plethora of casino games available online, the most thrilling and engrossing is craps. Players and spectators alike can get pumped up with every roll of the dice. But to the uninitiated, craps betting will be very confusing.

Craps has a simple goal—to predict the outcome of a dice throw. The probability that you will be able to correctly predict the outcome

is further hampered by the complexity of the game’s layout and the hard-to-decipher jargons. So it is necessary to introduce the newbie to the different wagers that can happen in craps since these wagers are the center of most carps action.

The Most Common Bets

The pass line bet is the initial wager that the player makes. The essential rule here is that he wins if the outcome of the roll is either a seven or an eleven. He losses if the turnout is a 2,3 or 12. the player can also bet on the opposite outcome, called the don’t pass line bet. Here, the player gets a draw whenever the dice roll out a 12. If the dice roll out any number other than a seven or an eleven in the initial roll, the player can up the ante by betting that it will come out again in the next throws or not. This bet, know as the pass odd bet, greatly increases the reward as players can lay as much as five times their original bets. But then again, if a seven comes out before that number, the player loses the bet.

Single Roll Bets

Players can also increase the intensity of the game by placing challenge bets. These bets are resolved with just one throw and the winner takes it all, which makes the game even more exciting. Some of the most common single roll bets are:

1. Snake Eyes: the player wins if the shooter throws in a 2.
2. Ace-deuce: player wins if the throw produces a 3.
3. Midnight: a 12 wins the bet.
4. Any Craps: player wins if the throw produces a 2,3 or 12.

For a newbie it pays to concentrate on simple bets; they usually have the best odds. Also, many online gaming platforms allow you to play for free. Take this opportunity to learn the craft before you submit yourself to the pros.