PokerStars Releases PokerStars VR in the Global Markets

The most anticipating and much awaited virtual reality (VR) social game called the Poker Stars VR is here. PokerStars VR is the new online game of the online gaming giant, PokerStars. It is a free online game that is rebuilding the live poker surrounding on a digital stage.

An official statement by PokerStars describes the game as a perfect blend of pressing gameplay, fun interactions and social actions that are vividly adding an entire new poker realm for gamers to discover. The game PokerStars VR is released in association with Lucky VR in September month of the year 2018. From its inception, the company has received more than one hundred fifty visitors and players who want to play and take a beta test on the virtual reality inspired digital poker tournament.

The success of this game development goes to the private group beta trial. This is the reason that PokerStars is now able to go with the global launching of PokerStars VR. It is available for players on the worldwide stores through the channels such as Viveport, Steam, and Oculus. In fact, gamers who are vividly involved in Poker will love the game as it offers a trustworthy and engaging social game. PokerStars VR permits the performer to select their own setting. For example, Macao, Las Vegas, etc.

According to the Director of Poker Innovation and Operations at PokerStars, the game was happily accepted by the audience after the launch and everyone became truly engrossed in the competition. The authority wanted to present poker with the new digital touch and hence, explored virtual reality in depth. They believe virtual reality is the trending avenue of technology which can be consolidated in the game.

No sport can be actually appreciated without enduring it. The game is congenial with Twitch programming and Oculus Rift streaming. Players can access the game with an Oculus Rift VR set, which offers an awesome entertaining ambience while you are playing PokerStars VR.

Interestingly, the players can utilize the virtual reality technology to view their pocket cards. Furthermore, they can talk to their table mates and pick up the points which are usually lacking in common poker games. They can also customize their personal in-game look and take care of their cards and chips just like a real poker game on the table. The game sports five different surroundings, for players to make a choice. They are The Macau Suite, The Shutdown Salon, The Monte Carlo Yacht, Macau 2050 and the Void.

According to Poker Stars, this game is not for typical grinders who are habitual with playing on eight tables. Leaving aside this group, it will be a game of interest for others. It is actually an enriching experience of playing poker on a different level. After the launch of the game, several people are now heading to buy a VR headset because the game is irresistibly good! Come and Explore PokerStars VR and revolutionize your poker gaming experience.