The WPT India set out to become a record-breaking victory. The celebration taking place at a luxurious Indian casino, the Deltin Royale in happening city of Goa from November 13 to November 19 ended recently this former Monday. As someone can assume, the celebration was prepared including best in class poker performance. It allocated further INR 6 Crores as bonus money and brought 1800+ professionals who gathered to the specific host venue to commemorate their beloved game and insert a surplus of interesting competitions highlighted on the program.

Nikunj Jhunjhunwala who hails was indisputably the festival’s greatest champion. Essentially a high-stakes money game master, he emerged as the winner of the WPT India 2018 55K Chief Event to accumulate his career-best INR 66,35,000 as the first prize.  It is further to be remarked that this professional had further taught Vikash Mantri throughout the last table of WPT India 2017 ME, where Mantri ultimately appeared victorious.

To craft his path of victory in the year’s Main Event, Jhunjhunwala hit a single field of 697 admissions. His heads-up match was against Sahil Mahboobani who started as the chip lead, however, Nikunj, who was also experienced, increased the energy immediately and went on to obtain the desired Main Event title. Mahboobani, who further ended in the16th position in the India WPT Kickoff NLH, and understood INR 46,53,000.

According to the sources, Jhunjhunwala earlier had cash totaling approximately to $53,000 as bonus money and all these amounts of cash arrived in India. His freshest win has prompted him to elevate up to 29th position on India’s all-around competition money list. This is headed by Vivek Rajkumar worth over $4.4 million in real receipts. With his impressive Main Event victory, Jhunjhunwala holds his entire live incomes to $145,809. Driven by his advanced poker action, the performer is presently looking forward to the exciting and alluring Main Title of WSOP.

Indians are taking poker to new heights. As a nation, where poker is not allowed everywhere, winning these titles comes as a breath of fresh air to all the poker lovers. Nikunj is India’s star and this is his win after an eight sabbatical from poker.