Dan Jungleman

Fabulous high-stakes crusher Jungleman is growing to a rough time in Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio in the January month. The American player posted some videos on his Instagram feed to update his followers and the videos portray things which confirmed that things are not going well with him. Cates was going around some tables concerning his tables and sessions and displayed a few well-known faces. Timofey “Trueteller” Kuznetsov and Scott Seiver were both available and seemed to be happy over there.

Following the table, Cates bestowed all the owned chip stack and taught that he was not boasting as he was losing a Lamborghini or something. After a few days, the battle started again and there were some distinct appearances in town, however, one member mysteriously did not require to reveal his appearance at any cost. There was a hooded character, he was acting slightly excited by Cates who stated he later met the fellow and he did not crave to communicate with the person.  Chris Kruk, the online legend was added brand-new face who was present at the game. Kruk is recognized as the most successful poker instruction video generators around the globe.

Dan Jungleman was having a tough time as he was playing with god knows what idea. He was feeling asleep over the table. Here you can see a cuddled-up version of the Jungleman who wakens quickly, in the backdrop different player experiencing from the incessant nosebleeding action hopelessly attempting to retain his eyes live with the help of the drops.

No wonder Gus Hansen came back in play. The ‘Great Dane’ seldom drops any hour of protruding action, given any chance. No one knows whether he will win or not, but on the other hand, there is a certainty that he is a public and famous figure anytime he comes up to play anywhere. There was news rolling that Gun Hansen has been losing to the Jungleman this Christmas. In Bobby’s room swapping gifts takes place in a slightly different way. Hansen was elated that he could swap gifts and offer Dan with huge amount of money for Christmas last year.

However, after the new year, Dan was facing severe challenges in the same room where he won against Gus. This was quite funny because the same table and the same games can turn the tables for anyone at any given moment of time. Gifting a small amount to someone is difficult at times, imagine how must Gus Hansen have felt when he had to hand over a huge sum of amount to Dan and Phil Ivey.  The Bellagio’s biggest game is a tricky game, until the end it is difficult to ascertain who is winning. Jungleman was not very much impressed with the game and Gus was hopeless.