Following a three-day group, the 2018 PokerStars European Poker Tour (EPT) Prague €50,000 Super High Roller that dragged 40 high roller regulars to the felts has raised a winner. Bringing the game downhill, Austria’s Matthias Eibinger scored extra big record of €653,000 to his poll.

Eibinger has experienced a breakout 2018, accumulating a huge $4,026,169 in live competition profits this year singly, allowing this victory.

28 members entered the industry on an initial day and with late enrollments open till Day 2, 12 more contestants listed, including titles like Patrik Antonius and Benjamin Pollak, extending the range size to 40. Following an action-packed day of sport, the area was scraped down to the six-handed ultimate board towards the fag end on Day 2.

Jan Schwippert was rejected by Andras Nemeth in the seventh position following an elongated bubble ending-pitch. After the exclusion of Schwippert, the surviving six players were in the capital and the subsequent professional to drop out was Charlie Carrel.

The industry witnessed Carrel reopen for 60,000 from the cutoff and he was marked up by Eibinger who protected his high chance. Carrel got the call, shouldering all his chips in. He deferred upon Ebinger’s but Eibinger got ahead together with an Ace-pair on the top.  Luc Greenwood later noticed his defeat by Nemeth and moved for the post in the fifth position.

The game was paused here and the persisting four players trapped up to their parts for the terminal day. Eibinger was at the head of the leader-board and he was confined to 55% of parts in play going into the ultimate day.

Final Day Recap

Various hands into the ultimate table movement, Pavel Plesuv was dispensed the gateway by Andras Nemeth who started for 110,000 under the gun. Plesuv passed all in from the key for 875,000. Both the screens closed and Nemeth called. Nemeth postponed opposite to Plesuv who continued. Plesuv was definitely in an excellent state but things improved on the flop, where Nemeth matched his ten. The ‘on the corner’ and the ‘on the course’ bricked Plesuv possibilities as he operated out in fourth position.