Global Poker League

Alex Dreyfus’s Mediarex Sports and Entertainment is a global poker brand that owns the Global Poker League (GPL) which focuses on Poker. In order to have a big impact on Poker in the regional market, GPL has taken an initiative.

The Indian Poker Market has seen significant growth in the competition in the last 24 months. This has occurred mainly because international operators like PokerStars, World Poker Tours and now the new addition of Global Poker League has entered the emerging markets of Poker and Online Gaming.

PokerStars collaborated with GPL in India to host their very first GPL India Tournament back in 2018. GPL Tournament was a big hit that saw registrations of whopping 7,500 poker players for playing the tournament and continued for a span of 4 months. The mass majority in these poker players were mostly new entrants and beginners but gradually battled it to qualify for the top 12 spots.

The format for the tournament was that 6 teams from different cities all around India would have to compete against each other in a team. These teams would consist of a mix of professional poker players along with some amateurs who also played against each other trying their hands on 6 unique poker variants during a 4 week period. The winner of the Season 1 of GPL India bagged a cash prize of INR 1 crore. They also received 5 passes to inaugural PokerStars Players Championship which took place in Jan 2019 in the Bahamas.

GPL to Stream on Colors Infinity

The organizers are excited to release a TV program based on the GPL Tournament that took place. These episodes are filmed in the entire duration of GPL. This way poker fans across the entire country will get a chance to witness the action that actually takes place in a live tournament of Poker Game and also be able to view some fun, behind the scenes of the game.

Colors Infinity is a very popular channel across the Indian Telecommunity and has a wide range of audience across India. This is another step taken by the GPL to sportify the game of poker in India and to also create more interest in poker and build a bigger market.

The show is said to be aired on the channels, Colors Infinity HD and Colors Infinity TV from 9th March – Saturday till 6th April 2019. The telecast of the show will be aired from 7-8 pm twice every week.