One of India’s biggest poker site an event to rise and light in the game of 20 Lakhs GTD tournament that happens every week. The INR 11 thousand buy-in tournament draws a very powerful area. This is simply damaging the designated guarantee and building INR 21 Lakhs plus in the entire prize pool.

The top 27 players of the tournament earned money, but the lion’s share has been designated to the ultimate champion Kavish Kukreja who is also known as narcos. He got the chance to earn INR 4,62,213 after a heads-up deal against the Volatile who brought home INR 4,38787.

Kukreja’s way to the dramatic triumph in this successful tournament on cam along by beating the powerful field and a difficult closing table. The ultimate table covered the topper of the Ace racer Pradeep Singh ‘MegaFish1’ bagging the fourth position 4th for INR 206700 in the earlier week’s, again the Godfather winner Mihir Thakkar also known as the gameofdeath bagged the 5th position with INR 1,53,700. In addition, the newest champion of The Whale Ujjwal Narwal also known as the ‘fourteenk’ got hold of the 6th position for INR 1,11,300. This match was the third victory of Kukreja’s in Adda52 Millions and he was very much pleased with the success.

The poker site regularly experiences a strong track and past was no exception. With amazing top pros participating in the field, along with Adda52 Team Pro Kunal Patni also known as ‘KunalPatni’ bagged the 22nd position and earned an amount of INR 12,720. Another top pro who played an extensive game in this match was Sumit Sapra also known as ‘Hammer_Head’ who was placed at the 16th position for INR 15,900.

There were many other notable players like Siddharth Karia having the name as ‘sharia’ got the13th position earning  21,200, Akshay Nasa named ‘banks’ and Guneet Kwatra named ‘guntz’  bagged 11th and 10th position respectively for INR 26,500. Goonjan Mall also known as ‘gmtesting’ erupted the terminal table, ending with the 7th position for INR 74,200.

Hopefully these players shine in the upcoming WSOP events and other Indian poker championships.