Mathematics and Poker

Mathematics and Poker

The very end objective of poker - that of winning the Pot, links Poker to mathematical probability and permutation combination rules. Betting and raising...
Play Poker?

Why Play Poker?

Why Play Poker? Why do people play poker?  Why put up with all those hours of gameplay, frustrations of broken internet connections, losing streaks and...
betting-strategy-in poker

When to Use Continuation Betting Strategy in Poker

C-betting or Continuation Betting means raising pre-flop and then betting post-flop instead of checking. It should not be used very often, and in the right...
Six Plus Hold'em

The Latest Contender in Poker – Six Plus Hold’em

March 2016: The iPoker Network recently launched a new variant of the good ol’ Texas Hold’em called Six Plus Hold’em. There is no difference...
reverse texas holdem

Reverse Hold’em

Reverse Hold’em is just Texas Hold’em played in reverse. The community cards are dealt in the reverse order. Everything else remains the same. Every player...
poker variant - blackjack

BlackJack Hold’em

BlackJack is a card game where you weigh the odds and place your bets. It is played on absolute luck. The poker world added an...
Poker Variant - Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is the most popular variant of poker in the world. When you think of poker, the first thought generally jumps to Texas...


Omaha is the second popular poker variant. It is the same as Texas Hold’em in terms of betting and hand rankings, with a small...
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Poker Etiquette

How Profitable is playing online poker?

Online poker has turned out to be a great option for real-life poker lovers. Great gaming experience, unstoppable gaming service, and real cash rewards...
New to Poker

A Complete Winner’s Guide for Online Poker Strategy

The number of players playing poker online constantly grows, as does the number of card rooms. But strategy for online poker is still only...

How to Stop Losing in Poker

So, you just started playing poker. Either online, via some websites like our audience-favourite Khelo365, or with a group of close friends. Except, there...