reverse texas holdem

Reverse Texas HoldemReverse Hold’em is just Texas Hold’em played in reverse. The community cards are dealt in the reverse order. Everything else remains the same.

Every player gets two hole cards. The small blind, big blind, betting rounds and hand rankings are just like regular Texas Hold’em. The only difference is in how the community cards are dealt. Opposed to regular Hold’em where the cards are dealt as three on the flop and one each on the turn and river, in Reverse Hold’em the cards are dealt as one each on the flop and turn and three on the river.

Reverse Hold’em requires more use of math and strategy because you get to see only one card on the flop and turn. You can’t say what you are drawing or what your opponent has hit until the last 3 cards fall. Since majority of the cards come at the end, you need to make some smart decisions while betting.

Reverse Hold’em is a lot of fun to play in terms of mystery and even strategy. It also provides your brain’s gray matter a good workout.