Scott Wellenbach

Visiting and enjoying poker tournaments may result in meeting a number of the foremost distinctive players within the world. One may sit down at the felt, as an example, and meet a 66-year-old Buddhist texts translator from Halifax, Canada. That sounds remarkably specific and however, it is the story we have within the 2019 PCA Main Event.

Scott Wellenbach is that the man in question and he is on an incredible run. In between the kids dominating the sphere, Wellenbach stands out. However, build no mistake; he isn’t simply your average recreational player making an attempt simply to own an honest time. Wellenbach is aware of what he is doing.

Wellenbach has paid for $99,358 in his life up to now, with the largest money returning a year and a gone once he finished seventeenth within the PokerStars Championship urban center for €61,400/US$72,176/C$92,000.

But what is actually outstanding is what he did there upon cash. Any poker winnings, he says, attend charity. His massive 2017 score visited a Buddhist convent school in the Kingdom of Nepal.

When talked to Wellenbach back in 2017 and got the possibility to catch up with him once more within the state as he is enjoying on Day three of the PCA Main Event with a large stack of chips.

Asked if he meant to present all of his winnings here once more, probably over $1.5 million just in case he would win, Wellenbach was adamant: “Of course. Otherwise, the poker gods may cut Pine Tree State off and wherever would I be then?”

Scott Wellenbach does not have any specific charity picked out quite nonetheless for this doubtless monster windfall.

“I created the choice last time really per week when I did well in the urban center,” he said. “At the time he visited support Buddhist nuns in the Kingdom of Nepal. He is terribly fascinated by Buddhism himself, however additionally women’s education is what this was regarding. He added that he feels they are each vital factors and causes within the world.