Gaming BJP Congress

The All India Gaming Federation (AIGF), an Industry body representing gaming, has submitted a proposal to the members of both leading political parties in India i.e. BJP and Congress, to regulate online gaming in each of their respective manifestos.

The All India Gaming Federation suggests that the online gaming industry can generate significant revenues for the exchequer apart from creating jobs and ensuring responsible gaming while reducing illegal activities such money laundering and match fixing, provided the Industry is brought under the gambit of formal regulation and taxed responsibly.  The online gaming industry includes games such as Poker, Rummy, Bridge and other skilled games.  There are differing expert legal views if Teen Patti is considered as skilled game or not and thus the status of it’s legality in cash games.

Roland Landers, CEO of AIGF commended the fact that both leading political parties have considered inclusiveness and suggestions from people across the country in their respective manifestos.  It is a critical issue for online gaming which has largely been ignored by politicians and bureaucrats alike.

The All India Gaming Federation is a commercial body that advocates research, policy formation and a forum for discussion between the various stakeholders within the online gaming industry.

In India, the legality and regulation of gaming is a state level subject.  Though most of the laws in this realm are very old the digital gaming industry has grown many times over recent years and thus a more pervasive regulatory framework is being solicited.

Barring a handful of states, currently there are no clear guidelines for gaming companies to abide by in order to fulfil regulatory requirements. Rummy, Poker and Fantasy Leagues are growing massively within the Indian market and there is tremendous scope for further growth.  However, until the industry is regulated in a responsible manner and objectively taxed, it faces significant challenges to surmount.