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Adda52 founders Anuj Gupta and Mohit Agarwal had invested an undisclosed amount in RNM E-Services Pvt. Ltd. during November 2018.  RNM E-Services Pvt. Ltd. runs an innovative digital educational platform known as iChamp.  It seems the investment is paying off as iChamp has now raised an undisclosed sum in a pre-series A round which was led by Singapore based Ariana Investment Management’s CEO Raju Shukla.

Founder of iChamp, Mohit Bansal, said that ‘even though the quality of teaching has improved in private schools across India, kids still have a fear of mathematics.  There is a lack of motivation among kids, which leads to lack of practice.  Solving this problem of self- motivation is the key to better learning outcomes.’

Adda52 saw the potential in iChamp as it uses elements of gamification like real-time challenges, rewards, competition, fun and social engagement to motivate a child to practice more.   Coming from a poker industry background Adda52 founders clearly saw the opportunity and overlap through similar elements of the game of poker.

iChamp will use the funding received to aggressively expand it’s user base, improve retention, through features like Live Tournament as well as AI enabled adaptive tests.

iChamp was launched last year as a unique platform for practicing and solving math and English problems in a fun way.  It is India’s exclusive gamified education platform integrating features such as competition, rewards / recognition and fun.  This makes iChamp a player of a different league when comparing to other education portals in India which focus only on animation.

Within it’s first year iChamp has successively raised USD 5 million added Mr. Raju Shukla, CEO of Ariana Investment Management commented “iChamp is one of its kind app in India, focusing solely on the otherwise ignored need for students to practice more.  We see great potential in this segment.  It is a completely new way of looking into the real problems affecting the Indian education system.

Recently, PokerLiveNews reported on how top Indian Business Schools are also using Poker as part of their syllabus to teach game theory in practice.  iChamps growth goes to show the growing trend of gaming in Education.