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Investments are coming into the Indian Fantasy Gaming market by the droves. Sports Gaming UK, the holding company of free to play betting company India Bet, has announced an investment in Playsafe Games Pvt. Ltd. which is the operating company for the fantasy gaming site Scoring11.

According to various reports Sports Gaming now holds 20% of PlaySafe with India Bet owning the balance 80%.

Apart from this investment Scoring11 also has other good news which is that it has secured a whilte label platform from Norwegian B2B fantasy sports gaming company making it the third company to acquire such a solution.

Mehta commented on the news saying “We see how fantasy Sports has had a strong growth in the country in the last couple of years. With players like Dream11 who are extremely popular at the forefront, we have explored the possibilities of expanding our value chain to operator business focusing exclusively on fantasy sports.”

The market is definitely exploding as at the recent ASEAN Gaming Summit 2019 many experts contested to the success of fantasy sports in India. This was initially bolstered by the local love of cricket but is also expanding to other fantasy sports.  Many industry experts also wonder if skilled games such as poker can take a similar path to achieve success.