New to Poker
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Online FreerollOnline games have become more popular these days. People download the game app and start playing. They just wanna get out of that stressed life for some time and enjoy for a while. One can call it as ‘releasing stress’. Since we are talking about online games, instantly poker comes in my mind. You will see a lot of happenings in poker world, since the day online poker has come into the gaming scenario, and gained immense popularity. Poker lovers have rapidly started learning the game by referring books, blogs by professionals etc. Why not? You win a lot of cash, and claim your 2 minutes of fame.

At first it was difficult to find an online poker game for newbies to experiment their skills. But now the time has changed. Good news for new poker players is that they can start playing free online poker to which we can call as ‘Freerolls’. The free online poker is available for players in different time slots. Players can register on a website that offer such free games and start playing at no cost.

Newbies play online poker on trial and error basis. Imagine you have Zero bankroll. You obviously can’t win real money. So the best is to play online poker Freerolls. In freeroll, you need not shell out one rupee. Freeroll gives poker players an opportunity to walk away with real cash. So what if you haven’t played online freeroll tournament before; if you learn the game and play seriously, you surely can win it.

It is believed that the term ‘Freeroll’ originated in Las Vegas in 1950s. That time the guests in casinos would be given free roll of nickels to play on the slot machine, so they would often ask for ‘free rolls’. This way the word came into use at the casinos and became one word i.e. Freeroll—a complimentary gaming bonus.

Players need to be careful as where you they want to play online poker free. There are 2 types of online poker websites.

  • Real money poker
  • Free poker

Understand one thing; poker players are not rewarded with real money on free poker websites. Therefore, don’t be under the impression that no deposit poker websites are good for players with zero bankroll.

Whereas, if you are new to poker and want to earn and learn good, then we suggest that you play freeroll tournaments on real money websites. These websites allow the poker players to play online poker for real or even free.

A typical online freeroll poker tournament is a ‘no entry fee’ tournament. But there are some freerolls that require some payment to make an entry for the tournament. Most of the winnings in freeroll tournaments are either a merchandise, an entry ticket or invitation for other tourneys, or real money. Ultimately it is your profit.

So you guys want to learn poker and take away good cash by winning it, then what are you waiting for? Enroll yourself for an online freeroll poker tournament and let the poker fun begin. Cheers!