Living the Poker Dream
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Living the Poker Dream

Have you ever dreamed of ditching that nine to five job and living a life of total freedom? Poker is one such avenue wherein you will make a living from a game that thrives on infinite skill, knowledge and, above all, wit.

Across the world, millions have tried and failed their hands at earning a crust from the infamous game. Ever since the internet revolution, a huge number of online poker players have spawned across the globe.

So who actually makes a living from poker? I know a few players my self such as the Queen Bee who play professionally while others play to play the game for fun and to supplement their income. Surely the odds of winning huge sums at poker are slim? Maybe, maybe not. Whatever the chances, it is vital the player knows the game inside out before he or she endeavors to pay off the mortgage. Again, having a king’s ransom in cash reserves goes without saying! Players must also have the mettle and money to ride out the bad times when suffering streaks of bad luck.

Unlike other games, practice makes viable, but not perfect poker. This, of course, is the substance of dreams. Few of us will be lucky to sweep a million dollar pot but there’s no harm in dreaming is there?

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