Tilt in poker is a famous term. If a poker player is a victim of a bad beat, it means he is going on tilt. Tilt is when you play poorly, implement bad strategies, and your frustration and emotions take over your ability to play well. Let me tell you, a bad beat is not just the only reason that sets you on tilt, you may go on tilt even if you don’t get a good pocket hand for a longer period, ‘coz then you start playing any rag hand blindly.

Following are a few examples of tilt in poker-

  • You play bad and later on, you realize the mistake.
  • Fold during a large bet just to because the opponent to turn a weak hand.
  • Instead of folding to an all-in, you click call at online poker.
  • You are bluffed by small bet.
  • Lose at all-in showdown, when you have a good hand at pre-flop.

Many players have a problem while dealing with tilt. The biggest problem they encounter is by getting emotionally involved in the game. Tilt increases the possibility of wrong decision-making when playing. Let’s go through some pointers on how to kill tilt forever.

Following are a few examples to kill tilt forever-

  • Read a poker book or surf some poker videos.
  • Learn a lesson from each losing hand.
  • Take a break and come back with a clear head.
  • Don’t take tilt personally.

An excerpt of how you can get rid of tilt in poker successfully-

Play for Less Hours and Early

First of all, I would like to suggest players play early morning and for fewer hours. Our brains function better in the morning, hence, there is very less scope for mistakes. Grab a cuppa coffee and join a poker room. Can you sit at a stretch for 12 hours on your laptop or PC? Not at all. Your brain will be fatigued, and you will be more prone to making mistakes. Take a few breaks and reduce your playing time guys. I’m sure, you will perform good and get rid of tilt.

Knowledge is the Best Weapon

While playing online poker, a player won’t realize a tilt unless he understands it. For example- if you have bad pocket hands, and still you re-raise with false hope to grab the big pot; this is tilt. Secondly, if you check a hand, knowing that is worth with the fear of losing chips; dude you are on a tilt. To kill the tilt, you should make use of your poker knowledge. When you are about to make any of such mistakes, it should click you immediately. Stop yourself and know where you are going wrong. After all, knowledge is the key to success.

Stop Being Emotional

If you are a professional online poker player, you must be able to know the ups and downs of the game. know when to start and when to stop. Even, as a recreational poker player, you should know what affects the mental stability. Understand where the game is going. There are players who ignore each bit of the emotional instability and never come out of tilt. It’s better to quit rather than cribbing over the emotions and affecting your game. Give yourself a chance to correct yourself.

So, these were some mantras to kill tilt forever. As mentioned above, successful poker players have the capability to kickoff tilt. It is dangerous to go on tilt while playing any limit or no-limit hold’em poker. In such games, your chips are at stake for any given hand. Money saved is money earned! Saving yourself from losing will save your money too. Take out the tilt factor forever from your mind and brain, and focus, use your knowledge and skills. To play any online poker tournament, a player needs stamina and self-control. And, to succeed at poker, you need great physical and mental health! Stop tilting. Start playing!