Poker night

Tips for Hosting Poker Night

And so we bring to you this article on how to host the perfect poker night; one that your guests will remember for a...
The Poker Grinder Manifesto

74 Ways to Win at Poker – The Grinder Manifesto

74 Ways to Win at Poker - The Grinder Manifesto Be the aggressorEach time you bet or raise you give the opposition a...

Introduction to Poker Theory (Parts 4)

Poker Tournament Strategy

Player Strategy – Poker MTT Tournaments

Meet Karan Mishra, Young gun of poker. A short poker tournament strategy article from him.Here we talk about how to improve your game in...

The Theory of Poker – Poker Logic, Mathematical Expectation and Hourly Rate

Introduction Poker is a simple game, that is difficult to play well.  That is the beauty of poker.  Because the rules are so simple,...
Poker Variant - Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is the most popular variant of poker in the world. When you think of poker, the first thought generally jumps to Texas...

How To Master Heads-up (Part 3)


Why Poker Table Manners Make a Difference in Your Earnings and What NOT to...

Whether one plays poker with strangers or with friends, one should always maintain a certain decorum.  Not because you want to be a gentleman,...
poker variant - blackjack

BlackJack Hold’em

BlackJack is a card game where you weigh the odds and place your bets. It is played on absolute luck. The poker world added an...

Introduction to Poker Theory (Parts 7)

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Poker Etiquette

How Profitable is playing online poker?

Online poker has turned out to be a great option for real-life poker lovers. Great gaming experience, unstoppable gaming service, and real cash rewards...
New to Poker

A Complete Winner’s Guide for Online Poker Strategy

The number of players playing poker online constantly grows, as does the number of card rooms. But strategy for online poker is still only...

How to Stop Losing in Poker

So, you just started playing poker. Either online, via some websites like our audience-favourite Khelo365, or with a group of close friends. Except, there...