Gus_Hansen_Every_Hand_RevealedThis book was taken notice of by many not only because of the vast information that it contains, but also because it is written by Gus Hansen, one of the most talented poker players around. It is meant primarily for No Limit Hold’em tournament players.

Gus Hansen wrote this book when he was at the peak of his poker career, riding high on the success of his third World Poker Tour win. Every Hand Revealed is an unconventional book from an unconventional player. Hansen keeps a note of every hand that he played at the 2007 Aussie Millions Main Event. What’s more, he went on to win that event and the prize money of $1,500,000.

This book will give you a rare insight into the mind of a winning poker player, and keep you glued with its to-the-point, sharp writing, and valuable knowledge.