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We have a growing and captive audience and are happy to provide you the opportunity to showcase your expertise.  All you need to do is submit an article showcasing your expertise and we will publish it for you.  Additionally, you will also have a chance to promote your blog or website.

You are encouraged to write about poker especially if it’s your passion.  You will become popular as thousands of fans will read your content and start following your writing.  Our writers often get contacted by others venues as a result of showcasing on our site.

To start you need to :

-Read our editorial guidelines.

-Send an email to submit your articles.  Please include an image of yourself, a link to the website and an image for the article if you have one.

-Within 24 to 48 hours our editorial staff will review your submission and you will receive our response.

The favorite topics for articles are Poker, Rummy, Fantasy Sports & Gaming.  If you would like to contribute something outside of these subjects, please feel free to do so and we will let you know if it’s accepted.

Editorial Guidelines

  1. Please write your article as if in a conversation with the reader.
  2. The article must be from 250 to 1000 words
  3. The article must be original content that you wrote.  Plagarism is not tolerated.
  4. Try to keep your article informative and unique while sharing your wisdom and experience  Include tips, strategies, techniques, case-studies, analysis, opinions and commentary in your articles. We will not accept articles that contain more than 5 lines of quoted or sourced material.
  5. The article must be in proper English e.g. spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and structure.
  6. Your article should not be a sales letter or advertisement. We will disallow any promotional copy, or blatant and excessive self-promotion or hype. We will also allow links back to your home site or blog.
  7. Your article must not contain any content that is a violation of any law, or infringes on the legal rights of others.
  8. Your article must not include a reply to a personal email, letter or address.
  9. There is a total limit of two links allowed in one article. Affiliate links are allowed if they come from your top-level domain ie, it is permissible to forward to an affiliate link from: http://your-company-name.com/affiliatelink.
  10. Your article must not contain excessive and/or bolded or CAPITALIZED words and phrases.
  11. Your article must not contain pornography/adult material/profanity/slander. It should not promote hate or violence, suggest racial intolerance, or advocate against any individual or group. It should not be rude, insulting, obscene, or degrading in tone.
  12. Please tweet about and post a link to your article on your facebook profile once your article is published.

PokerLiveNews reserves the right to deny your submissions for any reason.

By submitting your article, you agree the copyright becomes the property of PokerLiveNews if it is accepted for publication.  Once it is published PokerLiveNews and its affiliated websites will retain all rights.

Please note that we will hold contests from time to time that will award our writers cash prizes based on most views, most votes, best writing, or linkbacks and so on.

Thank you – begin your new role and article submission by completing the following form.  For submissions and questions, please contact us on info (@) pokerlivenews.com.