Newly, “Raising the Nuts” the YouTube channel managed by expert poker champ Trevor Savage, passed the 1,000-subscribers line – a large achievement concerning an up-and-coming poker vlog. In extension to some extra regular poker videos wherever Savage certificates his cash tournament and sports attempts, he additionally proffers comedic videos reenacting events of the poker life, starring his young kids playing out displays.

Including the drama, creativity, and approach concerning the videos — various well-known poker professionals are represented in that— it’s no wonder the channel becomes rushed to above 1,000 subscribers.

Poker Stars are Born

Presently two months before, Savage uploaded the original Raising the Nuts video which individually highlighted the children. Within “Andrew is looking for a Poker Girlfriend,” his four-year-old boy Andrew places his helmet in the corner as an admirer for a different innovative vlogger in society, Marle Cordeiro. Savage Trevor’s two girls Cameron and Ava also resemble within the video performing Andrew’s “ex-girlfriends” Kelly Minkin and Jamie Kerstetter, the latter acting “too spewy” toward him.

Approaching that record, the video further represents a moderately epic deal reenactment of Friday Night Poker concerning Minkin’s Halloween-edition seven-deuce bluff/float/runner-runner bink upon Justin Young. The drama and sweetness concerning the video arrested the inhabitants and assisted further videos of the same.

Marle herself survived the initial one to illustrate beneath the video, stating: “Hi, welcome! This is astounding!!” Furthermore, the vlogger Andrew Neeme submitted his column: “Marle for the emotion of all#givedrewachance!”

Furthermore, Jeff Gross recommended: “This is classic! Haha, pure gold.”

These Savages have caught up with three further correspondingly amazing videos comprising Andrew preparing poker hand analysis similar to the Doug Polk, a reenactment of different entertaining Friday Night Poker hand and displays of the Super High Roller Bowl including a spot-on Daniel Negreanu form.

The motivation for Raising the Nuts Videos

Under his 15th year of performing poker effectively, Trevor essentially operates online cash competitions from his house in New Jersey at pales of $1/$2 on higher to $25/$50 when he wins them, moreover pressing to 15 tables at a moment. He got ignited with vlogging as a candidate in the Vlogger in Paradise contest managed by Gross and Neeme, which became a Platinum Pass possessed for the champion.

While the fourth needed vlog, members were charged to prepare a video on their popular poker note and Savage preferred to reenact his prime poker radiator. The kids represented it out because Trevor described, including the product which was inestimable.

Next, after viewing Marle’s vlog of her abusive research for a poker-playing lover, Trevor assumed it would be glad to make Andrew create a related video where he’s watching concerning a poker sweetheart. United including the point that the children had prepared various YouTube videos covering cuisine, plus they enjoy working and are “freely kind of laughable,” Savage concluded to get preparation and work.