The betting market in India has lately been entangled in a network of administrative and constitutional drama. Following the problems in administering the offshore casinos in Goa, including the Goa Congress requesting for the auctioneering of casino permissions, the newest revelation befalls in from the India Cruise Lines Association also known as INCLA.

The company that gives a call to the cruise shipping community is inscribed to have appealed the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) for various franchises and alterations in gaming laws. According to them, it will help in the extension of the cruise transportation and tourism courses.

What Is The Petition All About?

In its appeal, INCLA not only made certain demands from the PMO but also highlighted the requirement for the decrease in GST rates suitable for the supply of goods and assistance onboard cruise ships. The INCLA also summoned for the requirement for the government to allow tax holidays for the voyage industry and single window allowances. According to them, the current entertainment and betting laws should be revised and improved.

The modern laws, the INCLA led out, not only feign limitations on entertainment, gaming, casino operations, etc. but also give rise to various operational roadblocks for the onboard sail vessels within the provincial waters of India.

The immediate consequence of the current legislation on the cruise business was aptly asserted by a cruise line operator who argued the problem with DNA. “Currently, these aids are provided to the sail tourists while the cruise boat is exceeding 12/200 nautical miles from the Indian coastline considering these amusement and gambling laws do not favor to implement beyond 12/200 nautical miles. Nevertheless, while the sailboat is inside the Indian territory, voyage liners are incapable to afford gaming, amusement and casino services to the travelers and match their expectations,” the supervisor stated.

The Intention Of Providing A Common Platform To The Cruise Industry

Rajya Sabha MP and the Essel Group Chairman Subhash Chandra supports INCLA and came into action in August 2018, with the purpose and aim of giving a common stage for eventual expansion and development of cruise ship industry. Besides INCLA, Chandra’s organization, there is a link of the Essel Group with the gaming and lottery platforms and it operates state lotteries under the trademark name ‘Playwin’.

In 2016, Essel Group had also advanced in the world of online poker and originated its new poker website, ‘PokerNation’. But in the month of September 2018, PokerNation chose to close its website after breaking ways with its global software provider Microgaming Network.

However, this is not the first time that the INCLA has come up with such requirements. Back in the month of August 2018, the company had given a whitepaper to the Union Minister for Shipping, Highways, River Development, Road Transport, and Ganga Rejuvenation, Nitin Gadkari.

The central administration has also been requested to improve the present Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) system to permit international investment in casinos on cruise boats. Whether the charges made by the INCLA will be admitted and recognized by the PMO is yet to be seen.