The 2 days long No-Limit Hold’em amounting to be $1,320 Six-Max at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2018 International Circuit, the Star Sydney attracted 283 admissions. Surviving this huge field was Huss Hassan. He won this maiden gold ring WSOPC long including a career-best average of A$104,000. In the Casino Championship race, he further hit the remarkable 50 points. It was observed that Hassan starts his second day as the chip leader, obtaining almost 100,000 in chips, this is far more than Richard Kellet, who is the closest opponent.

Hassan starting with close to 100,000 in chips more than Richard Kellett, his nearest competitor. Nevertheless, by the time Richard reaches the finale table, Hassan`s stack lessened in a considerable amount and he became one of the players with the shorter stacks. Following he played with strategic ideas and indeed lead to the elimination of Luis Arrilucea to move up the heads-up scene adjacent to Sayed Jabbour. Meanwhile, Hassan starts to play the heads-up against Jabbour, the previous one has eventually defeated the chip lead and overcame Jabbour to win the first circuit ring for WSOP.

When the game came down to four-handed play, Luis Arrilucea destiny did not work and ran out when he pushed on the button with and Hassan took that up from the position of the small blind holding. The entire board was running and Hassan chose the lead queen pair on another side to defeat Arrilucea making her fourth in the position. Shortly thereafter, it was Hassan who fostered the button for 90,000 and meanwhile, Brett Trevillian ordered from the little blind. On the other hand, Sayed Jabbour performed the 380,000 of the big blind which made Hassan fold and this action got Trevillian into deep thinking. Trevillian finally chose to move all into the table. The board ultimately got fanned-out and alongside Jabbour’s powerful partner overthrewTrevillian and made him take the third position.

This is how Hassan made cleared and won the WSOPC The Star Sydney 2018. His fate was going down, but he never gave up. He made sure he crosses that phase and he did. Emerging as the winner he proved himself to be the king of WSOPC The Star Sydney for the year 2018.