Poker Warm-Ups

The game starts way before the match does and it’s not possible to be ace it all the time but a good warm-up always increases the chance of winning. Poker players rarely include warm-ups as a part of their games, and their play suffers because of it. A good warm up helps to build the appropriate mindset which is an elementary need for such intense showdowns and also builds ups positive energy which helps the players to cope with the progressive pressure levels.

Few simple tips to improve one’s poker performance are as follows:

Clear the mind

Get rid of all the distractions to attain the all focus and flow state. Listen to rhythmic music; it helps to deal with anxiety by soothing the throbbing nerves. Meditate and cut yourself off form all the chaos which is unnecessarily interfering with the game state of mind.

Review yourself positively

It won’t help if you ponder on your weakness but it would help, if you concentrate on the strategies you have practiced. Review your past performances to know your strength areas.  Go through the notes you have taken and summarize the data you have collected on your opponents. In the analysis of their weakness lies their demise.

And while at it, review your long term goals as well.

A correct attitude

Attitude is influenced by our habits so it’s very important to be in control of your mental outbursts. A calm and composed stature not only builds a nice impression but it also helps to tame the jittery emotions which hinder quick and tactful thinking and ruins your performance even before the match starts.

Focus Inducing foods

Certain foods are known to have attention improving capability and helps in focusing better. Try to include them on the diet before the matches. Maintaining a healthy diet throughout helps the grey matter to function more effectively. Blueberries, nuts, eggs, whole grains, and etc are few of such foods.

Decide the length of your game

The time strategy helps to decide the right time to go offensive and the right time to defend one’s hand. Having a set time makes poker more structured and easy to strategize.

Actually Play

Play around of your usual number of tables for at least half an hour. Treat this as an extended warm-up. It bridges the gap between mental practice and the actual play-offs.

Dump the bad habits

Cut out on bad habits like smoking and drinking. They seriously mess up with fluent brain functioning and in the long run has adverse effects on concentration and the capability to retain attention for a considerable amount of time.

Here are some of the poker pros with their take on warm-ups:

“I found that it has really helped me today with my session. I felt more focused. I was reading hands better from the very beginning!!!” Wade Harrel.

“The warm-up is too essential. No matter where I play, I always make sure that I warm up.” Dusty “Leatherass” Schmidt.