What would be the right attire for a poker game? Of course a live poker tournament; it doesn’t matter in online poker. You can even play online while taking a shower for all anyone cares. However, when playing Live Poker Game, you are among other people who can see you, and so following social norms is important. Spoiler alert for all you rebels out there.

So to start with, there is really no dress code in place for poker tournaments; at least not at the moment. Which means that you can wear just about anything you want. However, don’t forget the social norms. So even though you can wear clothes of your choice to a poker game, make sure that they are at least not offensive to those around you.

The basics of poker attire and ettiquettes –

Be comfortable

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure that it is comfortable. Live poker tournaments go on for hours with small and few breaks. You are going to be glued to your chair for hours. If your attire is comfortable, then you will be able to focus on playing and winning.

It doesn’t matter how many people look at you. That’s not what you’re there for (most of you, anyway). The main agenda is playing and winning, and clothes that are too tight, too hot to sit in, too itchy or that cause some other form of physical discomfort are only going to distract you. So dress in clothes that you ‘know’; a poker game is a wrong place for wardrobe experiments.

Look Presentable

Okay, so you have decided to wear the lucky T-shirt that you’ve had for a decade now, or your boyfriend’s old jeans that you really love, go ahead. But please, for the love of the game, be neat. Looking as if you’ve just crawled out of bed and onto your seat, or worse still like you rode a tornado to the casino, isn’t going to help your reputation.

Your game may be the best, but the first impression is going to be of someone who doesn’t care about personal hygiene, looks like they smell and don’t give a crap about the people they are going to be playing with. Sure, you really may not give a crap, but there’s no harm in looking at least ‘not-homeless’ for nicety’s sake.

Maintain hygiene

Some players have had horrendous experiences of other players’ body odor. Feet slowly stinking up the table from underneath like tear gas is not a pleasant experience for anyone. At all. If you are someone who prefers to remove their shoes and sit, then wear socks. Opt for shoes that are easy to slip on and off, don’t give you blisters and don’t hurt your feet. Sitting in painful shoes all day is frankly unnecessary. And also, avoid slippers and overgrown toenails. Carry a body spray along too if the casino is hot and you tend to sweat. Always best to be prepared, right?

The sharp dressing has drawbacks too

Wearing a suit or dress to a game will surely create an image of you as a person who takes their appearance seriously and is particular about it. People will take you for a serious player too. However, this attire is difficult to upkeep. Poker tournaments last for days on end, many hours a day. Maintaining a sharp appearance will become tiring after a point. Try to opt for looks that are classy and sophisticated yet easy to maintain.

Some basic essentials to have

It’s always a good idea to carry a backpack with all your essentials. You never know what you might suddenly need. Carry a jacket with you. Sometimes, the outside heat may cause the interiors of the casino to be freezing. Wear a breathable shirt and take your jacket along. That way, you won’t be melting, but neither will you be freezing into a block of ice.

Energy drinks and maybe some snacks are necessary to keep up your energy. Also, if you are on any medications, carry those and a bottle of water as well. Glares and hoodies are a personal choice, up to every individual player.

It is safe to say that the best attire for a poker game would be a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, or a comfy dress or long shorts. Revealing, uncomfortable and scruffy clothes are a no. Sharp suits and dresses are good too if you have the patience to maintain the look throughout. Sneakers and sandals work best, and shoes that hurt the feet in any way should be avoided as far as possible. Now get your head out of your wardrobe and go play some poker!