Edmund Yeung wins 2016 Sky UK Poker Championship

Edmund YeungMarch 2016: Edmund Yeung has won the 2016 Sky UK Poker Championship with an impressive £210,000 in winnings. He breezed past 1003 players to emerge on top. The Dusk Till Dawn Club in Nottingham was the host for the £1,100 Sky Poker event.

Yeung first sent out Lawrence Bayley in 8th place when his 10,10 proved to be the winning hand against Bayley’s seemingly strong A,K. Yeung then got dealt the A,K in the next hand with which he eliminated Andrew Garland (7,7) in 7th place.

Next was Richard Pearson’s turn when his A,J stood no match against Yeung’s 4,4. He then knocked out Leo McClean in 3rd position to go heads up with Jack Hoffman. The final hand was played out not too long after. Yeung was playing with A,K and Hoffman had 4,4. The board favoured Yeung with a 10,A,A,2,8, and Hoffman became runner up with £125,000.

The final nine players at the table were as follows –

  1. Edmung Yeung £210,000
  2. Jack Hoffman £125,000
  3. Leo McClean £83,500
  4. Ho Yin Lee £55,000
  5. Carl Jones £40,000
  6. Richard Pearson £30,000
  7. Andrew Garland £23,000
  8. Lawrence Bayley £18,000
  9. Brett Angell £15,000

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